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In July, 2013, Microsoft wrote down $900 million of Surface inventory and the brand’s future was in jeopardy. Five years later, Microsoft reported $4.6 billion in revenue from its Surface brand; this is the inside story of how Microsoft turned-around its hardware business and became the hero of the PC industry.


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After having failed to create a market for tablets in the early 2000s, Microsoft launched a new hardware effort in 2012 to disastrous results. The company was forced to write-down $900 million in inventory and Surface’s future was in jeopardy.

Beneath A Surface tells the inside story of how Microsoft turned its hardware dreams into a reality with new details about the challenges Panos and his team had to overcome as well as the internal politics that nearly killed the brand.

For fans of Microsoft and those who are interested in the business of building brands, Beneath A Surface is a must read that tells the inside story of how Microsoft turned a failure into a fortune.

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