The Importance of Portability (Premium)

The Importance of Portability

Last week's unexpected Groove news has triggered some latent feelings of remorse indignation from Microsoft's world-weary fans. I feel it too, even though I long ago resigned myself to the fact that Microsoft will never truly be serious about---or matter to---consumers. But we can collectively try and avoid these kinds of dead-ends and bad decisions going forward. And the key is to doing so is to embrace portability wherever and whenever possible.

That word---portability---may scare some people, especially those who came of age in the warm, comfortable embrace of Microsoft and the "us vs. them" mentality that predated the current Satya Nadella era. But in the sense that "open will always win in the end," yet another one of those catch-phrases that I've latched onto, portability will always win in the end, too. It's the right path forward.

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