Amazon Alexa Comes to Third-Party Smart TVs Powered by LG webOS

Posted on July 14, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Smart Home with 7 Comments

LG announced today that Amazon Alexa is coming to a wide range of third-party smart TVs that are built on its webOS TV platform.

“The addition of Amazon Alexa to the long list of webOS features will enhance the user experience and boost the value of our growing smart TV ecosystem,” LG’s Jung Sung-hyun says. “Bringing together the capabilities of Alexa with the convenience of webOS to third-party TVs is a win-win-win for TV brands, customers, and developers.”

TV brands like Advance, Blaupunkt, Eko, JSW, Manta, Polaroid, RCA, Seiki, and Skytech, as well as original design manufacturers like Ayonz, Dualshine, Konka, Silicon Player, Skyworth, and Xianyou, will soon offer Amazon Alexa on their compatible webOS-powered TVs with Magic Remote. This remote lets users speak to accomplish tasks or get information: All you have to do is long-press on the Amazon button and talk. You can say things like “Alexa, open YouTube” or “Alexa, suggest comedy movies” to get the entertainment started.

Alexa will be added to compatible third-party webOS smart TVs in the third quarter of 2021 via an over-the-air update, LG says, starting in North America. Then the feature will come to other regions, including Asia and Europe.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Amazon Alexa Comes to Third-Party Smart TVs Powered by LG webOS”

  1. will

    I guess I am confused as LG TV's have had Alexa or Google for the past couple of years? What is new with this change?

    • cornholio

      I think the important part is "wide range of third-party smart TVs that are built on its webOS TV platform"

      • will

        Ok, it's not the LG direct TVs but TVs that LG makes, third party, that have WebOS

  2. 1speed

    LG just published their list of OEM customers

  3. jgraebner

    Does this mean I can finally get Alexa on my Palm Pre? :)

  4. IanYates82

    Trying to square in my mind how they'll have the Alexa button on the remote, but Alexa is only arriving for the first time, for many of these TVs, in a future over-the-air update....

    I suspect ones that have Alexa already will have that button, and ones receiving Alexa for the first time maybe had some generic "voice assist" button or it'll be a long press of something like a home button.

    I suppose this is another split of the camps between the google/Android TVs and the Alexa-powered TVs. Probably not room for Apple to have a built-in TV thing - these markets rarely support 3 ecosystems.

    I wonder how well the Web OS apps will support Alexa. The apps on my google TV are pretty good about working with Google's home screen and voice stuff