Microsoft Co-Founder, Paul Allen, Has Died at 65

Posted on October 15, 2018 by Brad Sams in Uncategorized with 23 Comments

Paul Allen, a co-founder of Microsoft, has died from complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Allen announced in early October that the cancer he beat in 2009, had returned, and earlier today it was announced that he had passed.

Allen and Gates began working together in 1975 and formed Microsoft, with Allen coming up with the original name for the company, Micro-Soft. Officially, Allen worked at Microsoft up until 2000 but did stick around as a senior strategy advisor.

The following statement was posted on Vulcan’s website, Vulcan is the company behind philanthropist and Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen’s network of organizations and initiatives:

“My brother was a remarkable individual on every level. While most knew Paul Allen as a technologist and philanthropist, for us he was a much loved brother and uncle, and an exceptional friend.

Paul’s family and friends were blessed to experience his wit, warmth, his generosity and deep concern. For all the demands on his schedule, there was always time for family and friends. At this time of loss and grief for us – and so many others – we are profoundly grateful for the care and concern he demonstrated every day.”

During his lifetime, Allen had given more than $2 billion to Philanthropy and has been involved with many different business ventures including pushing the Seattle Seahawks in 1996.

Allen was 65.

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