Microsoft Will Ship a new Light Theme With the Next Version of Windows 10

Posted on November 14, 2018 by Brad Sams in Uncategorized, Windows 10 with 35 Comments

While all eyes may have been on the company for shipping 1809 this week, Microsoft is pushing out a new build of Windows 10 to Insiders and it includes several large updates. Most notably, there is a new light them in this release.

The build number is 18282 and is available in the Fast ring.

The new light theme is one of the first major changes to Windows 10’s appearance since the OS shipped more than three years ago. While you could always change the color, white was not an option for changing the taskbar and Start menu; that changes with this release.

In addition, it is now easier to select a system-wide theme with the options to choose a light or dark theme. Along with the new theme, there is an updated default wallpaper as well that you can see at the top of this post.

With this release, Microsoft is adding the ability to snip a window as a default option with the snipping tool.

Windows Update options have been improved with the ability to pause updates being easier to discover and Active Hours is now becoming ‘Intelligent’. The idea is that Windows can tell when you are actually active and adjust Active Hours based on your usage.

There are a bunch of other improvements like updates to the modern printing experiencing, updates for narrator, and your brightness setting will now be remembered when moving from a plugged into the unplugged state for laptops.

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