Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Version 1909

Posted on November 12, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Uncategorized with 32 Comments

As expected, Microsoft today began rolling out the November 2019 Update, which will upgrade Windows 10 to version 1909.

“The Windows 10 November 2019 Update is now available for users on the most recent versions of Windows 10 who seek the new update via Windows Update,” Microsoft’s John Cable explains. “We have worked to make this a great experience for all devices, and an exceptionally fast update process for devices running [Windows 10 version 1903].”

Today’s release is for so called “seekers,” meaning those who manually open Windows Update to search for new updates. As with the most recent Feature update, you will need to explicitly choose to download and install the November 2019 Update at this time; yes, you will need to reboot. As Mr. Cable notes, “if you do not see ‘Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909’ on your device, you might have a compatibility issue and a safeguard hold is in place until [Microsoft is] confident that you will have a good update experience.”

Related to this release, Windows 10 version 1803 is no longer supported. “For Windows 10 devices that are at, or within several months of reaching end of service, Windows Update will automatically initiate a feature update (with users having the ability to choose a convenient time),” Cable adds. “Keeping those devices supported and receiving the monthly updates that are critical to device security and ecosystem health.”

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Comments (32)

32 responses to “Microsoft Releases Windows 10 Version 1909”

  1. rbernstein

    From Windows Update Assistant we have to wait...

    "The Windows 10 Update Assistant downloads and installs feature updates on your device. Feature updates (for example, the Windows 10 May 2019 update, version 1903) offer new functionality and help keep your systems secure. You’ll get these updates automatically after you download the Update Assistant. Installation of Windows 10, version 1909 with the Windows 10 Update Assistant will be available the week of November 18th, 2019."

  2. wright_is

    Updated my Ryzen PC, ThinkPad and a couple of VMs. So far, no problems. It is now in my WSUS test group, see what happens there.

  3. keith.mallett

    1909-Wow! They should have called it the "NYC-SubwaySlidingDoor" Update. Mary Jo would like that :)

  4. chrishilton1

    No update on Surface Laptop, not even the cumulative update that other machines received before 1909 appeared. Can Microsoft not even support its own hardware?

  5. hrlngrv

    09 means November.

    Why did they decide against H1 and H2?

    1803 no longer supported? Compared to even YY YY04 Ubuntu LTS versions which are supported for 5 years.

  6. Belralph

    I got home and had a reboot for the 11-2019 update of 1903. As soon as I restarted I got the notice for 1909. I checked the media creation tool and it is already 1909 if you want to make a USB install media. It's a little confusion because is says May 2019 at the top for the update assistant but the tool download below it is 1909.

    Did the install from windows update on my custom home rig, it was extremely fast, both before and on the restart part of the install. Seems good so far.

  7. oscar1

    For some reason it installed twice on my laptop.

  8. jdawgnoonan

    No issues here.

  9. ray2048

    The new update is fast and painless. why most Microsoft continually force so many big feature updates down our throats? I prefer these types of updates.

    • sevenacids

      In reply to ray2048:

      Because it's not a real feature update like the other ones. Under the hood, this is just a ~20 KB hotfix package to enable the 1909 features that are already in 1903 since the cumulative update version 329.

      I prefer it too, one big update per year is enough. But as far as we know, this is only a one time deviation from their annoying semi-annual upgrade schedule.

  10. CaedenV

    Literally a 1 minute update... I want more updates like this! Or just less updates.

  11. dxtremebob

    I upgraded two HP Pavilion i5 machines. The first got stuck on "Restarting..." for 20 minutes. I cold-rebooted manually and upgraded successfully. The second machine performed the entire upgrade process flawlessly.

  12. epguy40

    hi Paul

    1909 = 1903 SP1

  13. yb

    Updated to 1909 right now. I timed it- from the time I pressed 'restart' to the time I was back to my start screen. it took 55 seconds- the quickest ever update process I have experienced so far.

  14. zippyzip

    So you're telling us Version 1909 is available in Window Update, for people who regularly run WU to check for updates? Which, if we're one of those people, we'll see anyway? And you're not telling us a thing _about_ the update? And the only info link you've included is to a MS page which, itself, has no details about the update, other than mentioning that most of us can't get it until it appears in WU on systems? I appreciate what you do here in general, but frankly this particular article seems about as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

  15. melkiades

    Just installed it. Very fast update and so boring! Good job Microsoft.

  16. dexman335

    I updated my Surface Go. The process was quick. No issues to report.

  17. youwerewarned

    Just installed seconds well enough to post, apparently. Will worry about missing files, etc, another day.

  18. IanYates82

    I still can't get my laptop to go to 1903 from 1809. Multiple attempts but it always aborts after a couple of hours and rolls back.

    So I fetched a 1909 ISO from MSDN. Exact same issue when using it to upgrade.

    I think I may have to repave the laptop over Xmas. Tedious...

    • christian.hvid

      In reply to IanYates82:

      Not sure if it helps, but I've had this exact problem a couple of times in the past: no matter which upgrade method I used, it just aborted and rolled back, with no explanation whatsoever. It turned out that I had Developer Mode enabled, and once I disabled that in the Settings app, everything worked like a charm.

    • Thr2017

      In reply to IanYates82:

      I had a slightly different experience, in that the update would not start. I had a laptop with a spinning drive, which would not start updating to the latest Windows version. I replaced the spinning drive with an SSD and then Windows updated.

      If you have HyperV enabled, try uninstalling HyperV first. I had to do this with a couple of older feature updates. But I didn't have to do it with the latest (1903) update.

  19. Vladimir Carli

    what can possibly go wrong?

    • wright_is

      In reply to Vladimir:

      Hopefully nothing, it is more of a service pack this time round... I've already updated a couple of machines and I'll be putting it on our Test Group in WSUS today.

  20. StevenLayton

    Got it on my custom PC and daughters Lenovo laptop. A very dull, unexciting update. Just as it should be.

  21. remc86007

    Got it on my Surface Laptop 3 (15 inch) late yesterday afternoon. The update took maybe 2 minutes. About 3 hours after installing the update, I got a bluescreen. The eventlog just says kernal power failure. I suspect the SL3 still needs some firmware and driver tweaking. I don't think the hardware is defective because I've run prime 95 and furmark for extended periods without failure.