The WinForms Notepad Project (2022): Coming to Terms with the Status Bar (Premium)


In an ideal world, .NETpad’s status bar would adapt its layout similarly to the real Notepad when the user resizes the window. But this isn’t an ideal world, and this isn’t a big enough issue to waste too much time on. So I’m going to make a few small adjustments to the Windows Forms version of .NETpad that get it a bit closer to how Notepad works. And then move on with life.

I listed this issue in The WinForms Notepad Project (2022): Fork Me, but the easiest way to understand it is to open Notepad and watch how its status bar items resize as you make the app window smaller. They each reach some minimum size and then stop shrinking, and at some point, the app window itself reaches some minimum size of its own and stops resizing. At its thinnest, you can still see all four of its status bar items.

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