Apple’s First iPads and MacBooks With OLED Displays May Come in 2024

Apple could release its first MacBook and iPads with OLED displays in 2024. Ross Young, the CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) made the prediction in a tweet that’s only visible to his paid Super Followers (via MacRumors).

“Apple will introduce a 13.3″ OLED MacBook Air in 2024 along with its 11″ and 12.9″ OLED iPad Pro’s” [sic], Young tweeted. In a separate tweet, the analyst said that Microsoft was also working on a new Surface Pro model with an OLED display.

OLED displays are now pretty common on high-end smartphones and smart TVs, but they’re still pretty rare on laptops and PC monitors. With their perfect blacks, OLED displays are great to look at but they’re also expensive to manufacture.

Apple currently uses OLED displays on its latest iPhones, but the company’s 2021 MacBook Pros and the 12.9” M2 iPad Air use what the company calls “Liquid Retina XDR displays.” These are actually mini LED panels, which are LCD displays that use LEDs for backlighting. While mini LED displays don’t look as good as OLED panels, this is still a noticeable improvement over traditional LCD displays.

Back in June, Young also shared with his Twitter Super Followers that the OLED displays in Apple’s upcoming MacBook Air and iPad Pro models will use a new “tandem stack” technology, which is expected to support increased brightness and lower power consumption by around 30%. OLED displays slowly degrade over time, and this tandem stack technology is also expected to address that issue.

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