First Ring Daily Live: Live From London

Posted on December 1, 2016 by Paul Thurrott in First Ring Daily, Podcasts, Uncategorized with 7 Comments

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “First Ring Daily Live: Live From London”

  1. 4892

    Hi Paul, Why there are so many Windows Phone boxes on your desk? Going Back to Windows Phone?

  2. 8801

    At first glance it looked like a picture of Satya Nadella with Phil Schiller, so I'm glad you explained who it really was...

  3. 1377

    Tangent: Linux's xdotool can store the focused window's size and position, change the window to any aspect ratio (e.g., move it to the top-left corner, set it to use the full screen width or height and set the other dimension to produce the desired aspect ratio, take a screenshot of just the window, then restore it's original size and position. Have to use text script files, so not GUI, but works.

    AutoHotKey and AutoIt might be able to do this under Windows.

  4. 2215

    I wonder if either has tried snagit

  5. 5134

    I do use psr.exe for most of my screenshots as I do not have to remember to do this for each shot I'd need to take but can edit that stuff after the fact (it even includes all screens automatically)

  6. 699

    Great discussion about Lumia and Windows Mobile. Thx guys ;)