Google Pixel Watch Prototype Allegedly Found in a Restaurant

Posted on April 24, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Google, Mobile, Android, Fitbit, Wearables with 16 Comments

A prototype Google Pixel Watch was allegedly found by the patron of a restaurant who promptly reported it to an Android blog.

Yes, it sounds implausible. And perhaps a bit too similar to the 2010 episode in which an Apple engineer left a prototype iPhone 4 in a bar. But that’s the story.

“A Google Pixel Watch was apparently left and found at a restaurant in the U.S., and the images sent by a source to Android Central look like what could be Google’s first smartwatch,” the blog reported. “Android Central has reviewed the images of the watch that could be announced during Google I/O next month. [Or] it’s possible that the watch itself could be released alongside the Pixel 7 [which isn’t expected until later in the year].”

According to the photos, the Pixel Watch will very closely resemble the Apple Watch, with a bulbous body, a crown, and clip-on, swappable bands. The big difference is its shape: where Apple Watch is a rectangle with rounded corners for no good reason, the Pixel Watch is round, like most watches. Whoever left it behind—one purpose or not—forgot to leave the charger.

Google is expected to announce the long-rumored Pixel Watch Google I/IO in May alongside the Pixel 6a.

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Comments (16)

16 responses to “Google Pixel Watch Prototype Allegedly Found in a Restaurant”

  1. GT Tecolotecreek

    If it is like the Pixel phones it is guaranteed have the correct time twice a day...

    • dftf

      Harsh. The Pixel 6 line has clearly had some faulty production-batches, as many users say they've had no issues at-all. And on older handsets, it's largely the Android 12 update causing issues (as I can confirm first-hand!). Android 11 was much-better!

      • qaelith2112

        As one of the Pixel 6 Pro owners with no problems, I've suspected that since it's unlikely that I just happened to be one of the lucky few, more likely that we experience the same thing with most other news, that the negative is greatly amplified because it's the only thing that gets reported.

  2. crunchyfrog

    It would have been humorous if a patron had found it in the bottom of their soup bowl.

  3. jmeiii75

    Will it have a "flat tire" as the Moto 360 did? Have they worked that bit out yet, I wonder?

    • qaelith2112

      My guess is that there will not be a "flat tire". I don't believe I've seen that phenomenon since the Moto 360. I've had several round Android smart watches since then and none have had anything like it. I wouldn't expect whatever made that design necessary for the 360 that was solved with subsequent watches to suddenly become a problem again.

      • jmeiii75

        That's good. Admittedly, I have not paid much attention to the Android smartwatch market after the initial influx. For some reason, the "flat tire" just stuck in my mind.

  4. wpcoe

    It looks like a pocket watch. That would be an interesting twist.

    • anoldamigauser

      I had a similar thought, perhaps they want to go with a retro thing. Then again, everyone has a pocket watch these is called a phone.

    • crunchyfrog

      Those steep rounded edges makes me think this will be a scratch magnet.

  5. rmlounsbury

    Same basic look as the Apple Watch but as a circle instead of a squircle. I am curious about the Pixel Watch. I've been back on my Fitbit Versa 3 and as a smartwatch it isn't great. As a fitness tracker it is fine.

    I'm holding out to see all the details on the Pixel Watch. I'll either go that route or move to the Fitbit Charge 5 and just have a pure fitness oriented wearable.

  6. SvenJ

    "Apple Watch is a rectangle with rounded corners for no good reason." Maybe it provides more screen real estate for information. People actually expect more than hands sweeping a circle on a digital watch.

    • jason_e

      Yes square is definitely better for information display and Paul knows that. He just likes taking shots at Apple for whatever reason and Yes I am aware he currently plays around with an iPhone. With that said I am an Apple user and love my Apple Watch but will admit I would love a round one added to the lineup.

  7. ebraiter

    If true, someone is in trouble.

  8. dftf

    Within the wider general-public, I do-wonder how-well smart-watches as a category are really doing.

    Many of them cost more than a mid-range Android phone... unless you really want to look at notifications and answer phone-calls without taking your phone out your pocket (though many Bluetooth earbuds allow you to do the latter), do they serve much-other purpose? (I know many use them for their heart and fat-monitoring features, but cheaper smart and non-smart watches exist that will also do the same thing.)

    I dunno -- can't work-out if this is a product-category set to explode in this decade, or whether it'll just fade-out by the end of it.

  9. david.thunderbird

    It was just asking "Please Sir can I have more?".