The Essentials: Brad’s Productivity App Makeover (Premium)

Hands-On with Newton for Windows 10

If you have been listening to First Ring Daily or following me on Twitter for the past few weeks, you will have seen that I have been trying to change up my workflow and find new apps to help me stay organized. This entire process got kicked-started earlier this year when I decided to stop using Word as my writing utility and ever since that point, I have been looking to revamp other parts of my daily grind.

One reason for this is that companies that make only one specific app, treat that app as if it's their first born child. The app typically gets updates frequently, feedback is integrated quickly, and honestly, stand-alone apps are usually better than those built by companies who are trying to solve every problem that has ever existed. Of course, the downside is that these types of companies have a higher chance of running out of money and your beloved app may go away forever.

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