Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Gets a New Cumulative Update

Posted on December 12, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Windows 10 is getting the December Patch Tuesday update today. Microsoft has released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update build 16299.125 with the latest cumulative update KB4054517 which includes the usual security patches and bug fixes. Last month’s Patch Tuesday fixed an interesting Start Menu bug, but this month’s update isn’t anything too interesting.

The only notable change in this month’s Patch Tuesday is the removal of the Edge button from Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer shows a button to open Edge besides the New Tab button on Internet Explorer, and that’s an interesting change, to say the least.

Here’s the changelog:

  • Updates Internet Explorer’s default visibility for the button that launches Microsoft Edge.
  • Addresses issue where Windows Defender Device Guard and Application Control block some applications from running, even in Audit-Only Enforcement Mode.
  • Addresses issue to reset PLC bit on U0/U3 transitions.
  • Addresses issue with personalized Bluetooth devices that don’t support bonding.
  • Addresses issue where the touch keyboard doesn’t support the standard layout for 88 languages.
  • Addresses issue where the touch keyboard for a third-party Input Method Editor (IME) has no IME ON/OFF key.
  • Addresses additional issues with updated time zone information.
  • Addresses issue where, when using System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), the user can’t copy or clone virtual machines (VM). The error message is “0x80070057- Invalid parameter”. This issue affects the VMM UI and PowerShell scripts used for VM cloning and copying.
  • Security updates to the Microsoft Scripting Engine, Microsoft Edge, and Windows Server.

The new Windows 10 update is available right now from Windows Update, and your PC should update automatically as long as you have auto updates enabled — which, by the way, you should never disable.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Gets a New Cumulative Update”

  1. hrlngrv

    Re IE, looks like MSFT has accepted that anyone still using IE either really wants to and has no interest whatsoever in anything else or needs to so can't use Edge instead. Or just perhaps MSFT's enterprise customers told MSFT to scrap the implicit advertising for Edge.

    • TomKer

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      It's not that enterprises like ours have no interest in getting off IE, it's just that those with the checkbook are finding more immediate issues to pursue. If MS doesn't put some pressure on, they'll never move. I'm sure we'd still be supporting IE8 if they hadn't killed it off. But they can't kill of IE11 until Win7 is gone.

      I always felt that button should have been "Open this page in Edge", not just open Edge, anyway.

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to TomKer:

        MSFT can't kill off IE11 until Windows 8.1 is gone in 2023.

        Thing is there's some Intranet software which claims not to support Edge. What's an IT shop for a company in a regulated industry to do? Let users use Edge rather than IE and hope no problems triggering regulatory oversight occur?

  2. mmcpher

    We are still on Win7 where I work but even so, most of us left behind have had to move to Chrome or Firefox. I haven't used IE in the longest time. I only know it still lives when every once in awhile some vestige or throw-back link opens a webpage to IE, in which case I immediately open the same address in Edge. Windows 7 still works for us, but I really miss having access to Edge and having the integration with my phones that I have at home on my Windows 10 devices. We have a new office manager starting the new year, and my resolution is to get him working on getting us up to Windows 10.

  3. Siv

    "Addresses issue to reset PLC bit on U0/U3 transitions."

    Is that code for add a new NSA backdoor :)

  4. snapch23

    If you are looking to get the favorites bar online here is the way we can look for the favorite tool bar missing in windows 10.