Acer Announces Next-gen Modular Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Posted on August 29, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Windows with 5 Comments

Acer today unveiled the company’s newest Windows Mixed Reality headset. The company is announcing the new OJO 500, the first Windows Mixed Reality headset to sport a detachable design.

The company’s OJO 500 is targeted towards businesses like museums, where the use of VR can offer immersive experiences. But companies need to ensure the headsets they provide are clean, and so the detachable design make things easy by being really easy to open up and clean the unit.

Acer has also integrated a new, patented audio system into the headset itself that allows users to listen to the audio while being able to listen to the audio from the real world. There’s still the built-in headphones, so you can use that instead if you want to hear clear audio out of the headset. The company is also launching a new Android app to go along with the headset that will help users perfectly identify their interpupillary distance.

In terms of the specs, Acer has improved its Windows Mixed Reality headset with a wide 100-degree field of view, and displays with a resolution of 2880×1400 pixels operating at a refresh rate of 90Hz.

Acer’s OJO 500 does seem like a solid Windows Mixed Reality headset if you are in the market looking for a new virtual reality headset. Keep in mind that Samsung is also expected to upgrade its Windows Mixed Reality, so you may just want to wait for that. Either way, the Acer OJO 500 will be available in November, starting at $399.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Acer Announces Next-gen Modular Windows Mixed Reality Headset”

  1. Lauren Glenn

    I'd buy this is I could use it to play Rocket League or Tempest 4K in 3D. But that's about it. Maybe it's me.... does anyone else see these and think they must have it or is it like another Kinect?

    • cr08

      In reply to alissa914:

      As someone who has a WMR headset I believe, personally, it, and VR as a whole, is still in a weird limbo of sorts. It kinda does feel like the Kinect at times. By that I mean the concept, tech, and gameplay is fun and has potential, but available content is still somewhat limited with a LOT of tech demo-ish titles out there. Though to be fair we are seeing a lot of new VR enabled content come out and some larger, more feature packed 'pancake' games are also adding in VR support to grant them a whole new gameplay experience. Overall I think more content and some 'killer app' would be a boon for VR.

      With all that said though, I have often said after getting my WMR headset it really is a case of 'Where has this been in my life?'. Even as first gen VR it is very usable and enjoyable depending on what games you are intending to go after. Steam will likely be your primary source for VR games for WMR and they make it pretty easy to track down what is supported (pro-tip: Don't look for JUST WMR supported games on the Steam store. Generally speaking the majority of games that only claim Vive and/or Rift support will work fine with WMR, maybe with some slight learning curve on controls but fully functional) and get a feel for what is out there. And I do think in contrary to what I have posted above that there is 'enough' content out there currently to keep you busy.

      Personally I'm kinda waiting for more 'exploration' type content and maybe more open world social stuff. Seems like there's only a very small handful of titles out there in this category. I know there's VRChat but that has its whole awkward mess so I've been intentionally avoiding it so far. Haven't looked too much into AltSpace yet. Rec Room is nice and is really a great VR posterchild IMHO. Tower Unite I think has huge potential for VR and I'm really disappointed that the devs still have that on the backburner and haven't made it a priority yet. Playstation Home I also think missed out and would have been an amazing VR title and would have likely skyrocketed PSVR sales.

  2. CaedenV

    Oh-Ho! Glad to hear that mixed reality is not dead. My next big PC purchase will be a VR headset of some sort, and it looks like the MR headsets seem to play nice with the most other software which makes it a good contender... but was really hoping for better specs before pulling the trigger.

    Any idea if that $400 price tag includes the controllers? Curious to see how it will stack up against Sammy's 2nd gen offerings.

  3. patmcq

    Just started investigating Mixed reality. Found the Lenovo gear for under $200. Said it was "Like new" but had protective tape still on headset. I thought this was an OK price to jump in. I think my weakest link is currently the computer Yoga 710 w/o a discreet graphics card.

    I was thinking to invest in a AR computer first before upgrading the gear...


  4. ballcar

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