Windows 10 Will Soon Sync Your PC’s Clipboard With Your Android Phone

Posted on October 5, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Windows, Windows 10 with 8 Comments

With the release of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft introduced a much-requested feature: the ability to sync your clipboard across devices. The update brings a feature called Cloud Clipboard which stores a history of all the text and images you copy and syncs them across all your devices.

This not only makes it easier to go back to things in the past, but it also makes things a lot less clumsy when you have to copy a block of text or an image on another device. The problem with the feature is that it only really works with Windows 10 devices, so if you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you have no way of accessing your PC’s clipboard from your phone.

That could change soon, at least on Android. Windows Central reports that Microsoft is teasing a new update to its SwiftKey keyboard app on Android which will soon let you sync your PC’s clipboard with your phone. When you enable Cloud Clipboard in Windows 10, the company displays a new message saying “Coming soon! Sync your clipboard to your Android phone. Get the SwiftKey Beta app for Android now so you’re at the front of the queue for upcoming features, such as syncing your clipboard items to your phone.”

The ability to sync your clipboard across your Android device and your Windows 10 device is going to be incredibly hand, but that’s only if you use SwiftKey. I am personally a bigger fan of Google’s Gboard keyboard app on Android, though SwiftKey is more of an advanced third-party keyboard app you can try. It has a bunch of advanced features, and a lot of Microsoft services integrated ever since Microsoft acquired the company.

And if you are an iPhone user, you will likely miss out on this feature, much like every other cross-platform feature Microsoft is trying to enable between Windows 10 and your mobile device. Apple’s iOS is infamously locked down, and this isn’t a surprise at all. Latest updates to iOS and macOS do make it possible to sync your clipboard items across your Mac and iPhone, but it, of course, doesn’t work with Windows 10.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Windows 10 Will Soon Sync Your PC’s Clipboard With Your Android Phone”

  1. rosyna

    Universal Clipboard was added in iOS 10. What’s new to iOS 12 is the Continuity Camera, which allows you to use an iphone’s Camera to scan documents and such on your Mac.

  2. PeteB

    Uhh no it won't. Not interested in being data mined by Microsoft. They missed the boat on mobile through utter arrogance, it's hilarious watching them try to ride Android's coattails now after wmobile failed.

  3. Dan1986ist

    Wonder if this will require Android 7.0 and up or if older Android devices will be able to use this.

  4. nbplopes

    I guess by latest IOS updates you mean two years ago updates?

    PS: By the way swiftkey is in IOS, but but .... working with iOS is like being in a digital jail and Apple is evil. ...

    Talking badly about whatever A, it’s just cool nowadays.

    Will you ever be able to put MS UI on top of iOS by default along with Office 365 ties? ... no, for that they should make their own OS. Much like they are doing with Windows, period. That or build an Android based OS, Windroid?. And than take that experience and build the Winux OS :)

  5. rfog

    In the meantime, it deletes all your files of your profile...