Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 App Now Out for Netflix’s Stranger Things Fans

Posted on July 8, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows with 9 Comments

Microsoft’s been promoting something called Windows 1.11 for a little while recently. The whole promotion had everyone wondering what the whole thing was about, and as it turns out, it’s a new Stranger Things promotion the company partnered with Netflix for.

The new Windows 1.11 app is now available from the Microsoft Store, and if you are a fan of Stranger Things, you will definitely like the new app. It’s essentially a Windows 1.0 experience inspired by Stranger Things. The influence here is quite heavy, and the app even has loads of hints and clues about season 3 of Stranger Things. It includes graphics and music inspired by Stranger Things, so it’s actually really cool.

The app lets you work through a bunch of different files and clues and reveals more as you work through them, and helps you save Hawkins from the Mind Flayer.

Microsoft is also launching a whole campaign for the partnership, including a Camp Know Where experience at its stores where you can learn to make a Stranger Things video or code your own game. It’s also releasing a Windows throwback theme, and a Stranger Things 3 theme for Windows 10 users.

“It’s basically the raddest show companion experience ever,” Microsoft says. And you know what? I actually agree.

But if you are not familiar with Stranger Things or don’t like the show, there isn’t much to see here. I’d say the promotion was a bit blown out of proportion because not everyone really watches Stranger Things, so if you were expecting a lot more here, you are probably disappointed. But if you have watched Stranger Things’ latest season, this thing is really fun.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft’s Windows 1.11 App Now Out for Netflix’s Stranger Things Fans”

  1. TJA

    Windows 1.11 is currently not available ... :-(

  2. sdboucher

    Does this game make anyone else's CPU fan spin up very fast? I tried the game, but quit due to the high RPM of my fan.

  3. dontbe evil

    One more UWP app, guess where? in the Store ... not bad for 2 dead things according to Thurrot

  4. jamJAR

    Windows 1.11 is currently not available. I'm guessing it's only available in the US?