Microsoft Releases PowerToys 0.16, Details Future Roadmap

Posted on March 31, 2020 by Brad Sams in Windows with 14 Comments

PowerToys is an application that Microsoft is building that adds new functionality to Windows. The tool is free to download and reached the 0.16 milestone today.

In the release, Microsoft is enabling several features that you may find useful including Markdown Preview pane extension, SVG Preview pane extension, Image Resizer in the Windows Shell, and Windows Walker, an alt-tab experience (shown above).

The new image resizing feature is quite helpful as it allows you to resize images in bulk with a few options. The best part is that it appears to be non-destructive, meaning it doesn’t harm the original images.

In addition to the new features, there are improvements for FancyZones with improved multi-monitor support and a new UX. The team is also releasing a roadmap to reaching version 1.0 launch in September of this year.

While you may not need everything that PowerToys enables, I do hope that Microsoft keeps investing in the application. The simple app is bringing new functionality to Windows 10 that would have taken years to include natively in the OS.

While the app is far from complete, I’m optimistic that this will quickly become a ‘must-have’ app for all users of the OS.

Download: PowerToys 0.16

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