Windows 11 Insider Build 22593 Brings File Explorer Changes

Posted on April 6, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Windows, Windows 11 with 8 Comments

Microsoft has just released the Windows Insider build 22593 for testers on the Dev and Beta channels. This is the second Windows 11 preview build to be released on both channels following the build 22581 two weeks ago.

Microsoft has made some changes to File Explorer in today’s build, though the File Explorer tabs that the company announced yesterday are still not there. Instead, Insiders will find some name changes to align with Office and OneDrive.

The default homepage of File Explorer is now called “Home,” the “pinned/frequent folders section at the top is now called “Quick Access,” and the section below with pinned files is now called “Favorites.” Moreover, the Search Box in File Explorer can now be used to search recent and pinned files, even if they are not local files.

Microsoft Journal, a brand new Microsoft Store app that launched as a Microsoft Garage Project is also pinned by default on the Pen menu in the Taskbar. If Microsoft Journal isn’t already preinstalled, clicking on the shortcut in the Pen Menu will open it on the Microsoft Store.

Today’s build also improves the Snap Layouts experience. When pressing WIN + Z, Insiders will see that all the layouts now show associated numbers, making it easy to use the number keys to select the preferred layout. Moreover, if you’re using the Focus feature to reduce distractions, this build adds new 5-minute increments for everything under a half hour to focus session length options.

The Windows Insider team also explained that Memory Integrity, a new Windows 11 feature that prevents attacks from inserting malicious code into high-security processes now needs to be turned on manually. “In the most recent Insider Preview builds, we will notify the user that this feature is currently turned off so that action can be taken for the user to turn it back on so that their device is as secure as possible against malicious attacks,” the team said today.

The build 22593 also brings a long list of fixes for the Windows 11 Taskbar, Task Menu, Windows Search, File Explorer, the Widgets Menu, and more. If we still don’t know when the Windows Insider team will start shipping builds with a higher number to the Dev Channel, Insiders on the Dev and Beta channels still have time to switch channels by checking their Windows Insider Settings on their PC.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Windows 11 Insider Build 22593 Brings File Explorer Changes”

  1. dftf

    Let's hope the new Microsoft Journal doesn't suffer the same-fate as Windows Journal (that I think started in one of the Windows XP tablet editions, came as-standard in Vista and was last-seen in Windows 10 Version 1507 and 1511) but got removed in later Windows Updates on each platform due to the file-format being vulnerable!

    (Kind of like how the Gadgets in Windows Vista and 7 met a similar-fate, also due to security-risks!)

    Also: can't you just do all of the same stuff this app is offering in OneNote?

    • kennyb

      "Also: can't you just do all of the same stuff this app is offering in OneNote?"

      Yes, but there's no glory in improving existing products that people already use. Launch or go home!


  2. blue77star

    What a pile of crap this OS is full of bloatware.

    • spiderman2

      I just tried a fresh macos install, it comes with many preinstalled apps (at least 20), and none of these can be uninstalled, on the contrary of WIndows... but still everyone complains only about Windws and no one says this about macos. LOL

      • ezzy

        I know, right? I saw yet another video yesterday on youtube for no other reason than to slam Edge for it's Windows integration. But you can't uninstall Safari from IOS or MacOS and you certainly can't uninstall Chrome from Android or, well, Chrome OS.

        Heck, last I saw you couldn't even uninstall Chess from MacOS.

  3. blue77star

    I still run Windows 7 x64 on x570 5950x and Nvidia 3080 ti with all latest drivers. I found a way to slipstream drivers and make it work like Nvidia 511.xx drivers.

    • dftf

      Good for you, but unless you're only using Windows 7 for gaming, it will become increasingly unsafe as time goes on.

      For now, all of the major web-browsers still support it, but Chrome and Edge will drop support in January, after the final ESU updates. Firefox LTS might give you another year-or-two, but then you'll be on the Vista situation where none of the mainstream ones do. Updates for Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials will both cease soon-after January, also.

      You might be able to download the standalone Microsoft Safety Scanner after that time, but I'm sure they will block it eventually... it no-longer runs on Vista or XP now.

      And while you could sign up for the 0patch team to still get unofficial patches for Windows 7, even they won't support it forever. Plus, you are then putting trust in an unknown group of people...

  4. spiderman2

    At least Journal s native, Whiteboard went horribly downhill after latest "amazing" update where they moved from native to web tech

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