Microsoft Starts Testing Task Manager Improvements with Beta Channel Insiders

Posted on November 10, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Windows, Windows 11 with 3 Comments

Microsoft has just released new Windows 11 preview builds for Insiders on the beta channel. For the group of Beta testers receiving new features, the build 22623.891 brings various improvements for Task Manager including process filtering and better theme support.

Process filtering is “the top feature request from our users to filter/search for processes,” the Windows Insider team said. With the new search box at the top, Insiders will be able to search for processes by using either using the binary name, PID, or publisher name. The ALT + F shortcut can also be used to focus on the filter box.

Task Manager has a new search box.

If the Task Manager was already respecting your choice of light/dark mode on Windows 11, users can now choose the app theme they prefer on the setting page. Moreover, in-app dialogs will now respect your chosen theme. “ All dialog except for “Run new task” and Properties dialog now support themes and will adhere to either app specific theme or Windows theme,” the Windows Insider team explained.

Microsoft has also added a “don’t ask me again” check box on the pop-up window that appears when you apply Efficiency mode on a process. This will make it easier to apply this mode to multiple processes in a row.

Lastly, Beta channel Insiders can now back up applicable settings to their Microsoft account and sync them on other devices. This change also applies to the group of Insiders receiving the build 22621.891 today, which has other the aforementioned Task Manager improvements off by default.

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