Windows Server 2016, the End of an Era (Premium Only)

Windows Server 2016, the End of an Era

We focus on personal technology here at, so the release of Windows Server 2016 may seem like a curious topic to discuss. But I used Windows Server in one way or another for almost 20 years. And now it's time for me to say goodbye.

Windows Server has an amazing history, from its humble beginnings in the mid-1990s as the workgroup-oriented Windows NT Server to its transition, along with Microsoft's customer base, to a scalable and reliable solution for businesses of all sizes. There were incredible moments, from Mark Russinovich's discovery that just a few Registry keys differentiated Windows NT 4.0 Workstation and Server, to the "it's a server not a surfboard" mantra of Windows Server 2003, to today's winding down of Windows Server 2016 as a minor piece in Microsoft's broader Cloud Platform.

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