Hands On With Windows Cloud

Posted on February 3, 2017 by Brad Sams in Windows, Windows 10 with 57 Comments

Earlier today, the first screenshots of Windows Cloud leaked and not long after, I was able to get my hands on a build of the OS. This is still an early build of the platform, so there may be changes coming, but here is an early look at what is currently called Windows Cloud.

To little surprise, the OS looks identical to Windows 10. In nearly every way, it looks, feels, and operates like Windows 10 that you are using today but with the limitation that it can only run UWP apps. If you do try to run a non-UWP, you get the error message above.

Oddly, even though others have said it works, Centennial apps, such as Evernote, do not appear to be working in this build. I’m not sure if this is a local issue or if this will be the actual case when it is released, but for now, this mystery remains unsolved. One other odd bit is that in the ‘About’ section, this version of Windows is still listed as Windows 10 Pro.

Other apps from the store, such as The Weather Channel’s weather app, work as expected. I’m currently running the OS in a VM as I’m not brave enough to put a leaked ISO on metal but performance is fine, no issue to note at this time.

As far as anything else new or different in this build, not much else appears to be different. I’ll keep poking around but for now, just know that this works exactly like regular Windows 10 but is limited to UWP applications. Also, keep in mind that this ISO comes from a third-party and not directly from Microsoft; it is possible that this is a hacked together build but we won’t know until we get our hands on an official release.

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