Microsoft Updates Shipping Versions of Windows 10 for Third Time This Month

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 29 Comments

Microsoft Updates Shipping Versions of Windows 10 for Third Time This Month

Microsoft has released yet another cumulative update for the shipping versions of Windows 10. It’s the third such update this month.

As I surmised earlier, I’m going to guess that this sudden explosion of cumulative updates is somehow tied to the pending release of the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is a major OS upgrade. The timing is just too obvious.

As with the previous two updates this month—the Patch Tuesday update from March 14 that was so humongous because Microsoft skipped February’s Patch Tuesday and the second update from three days ago—this new update is indeed a cumulative update, meaning it essentially replaces, and includes, all previous cumulative updates.

But I find the note on the Windows 10 update history page to be somewhat interesting, if not somewhat 14393.969.

“Windows 10 is a service,” the note claims. No. It isn’t.

“[This] means it gets better through periodic software updates.” That much is certainly true.

Where the previous cumulative update incremented the Windows 10 version 1607 build number to 14393.969, this new cumulative update pushes it ever so slightly further, to 14393.970. It includes the following fixes:

  • Addressed a known issue with KB4013429 that caused form display issues with CRM 2011 on Internet Explorer 11.
  • Addressed the issue with KB4013429 that prevents users from updating apps from Windows Store with 0x80070216 error.

So as with that previous update, it’s unclear why either of these is so serious that they required an out-of-band update like this. I’m not running version 1607 on the PC I’m using on the road, so I’m not sure if this one requires a reboot. Hopefully not.


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Comments (31)

31 responses to “Microsoft Updates Shipping Versions of Windows 10 for Third Time This Month”

  1. SherlockHolmes

    Major OS upgrade? Really? Oh yeah. You are right. We get Paint 3D and ads. VERY major indeed.

  2. Tony Barrett

    Updates like this would indicate that MS are identifying big problems that need rapid fixing. You do not release a *major* cumulative update a couple of days after the previous one with just a couple of documented minor fixes. That just doesn't make sense. Two ways of interpreting this rapid release - 1) MS are working really hard on behalf of all their customers, doing the right thing and keeping everyone updated or 2) They're identifying too many issues in the run up to the Creator's update, don't want it to go south like the AU, and are panic releasing updates so it doesn't go all wrong again. I know which one I think likely!

  3. Narg

    If MS didn't update, the negative types would scream that it's dead.  Can't win, eh?

  4. madthinus

    Did not received this update.

  5. 1024freeman

    Getting lots of updates Pro 1607. I use Sumatra as my pdf reader, updates keep changing pdf reader to Edge, also VLC is my goto video app, updates changing video app to Movies and TV. More sly advertising?

  6. matsan

    Why is everybody so up in arms about the reboot itself? I am forced to reboot my laptops at least once a day when moving between 4K monitors and the built-in laptop screen since keeping track of the various DPI settings seems to be another “... very hard computer science problem to solve”.

    I am more concerned over how Microsoft will be able to scale the distribution if it requires 1GB+ updates to fix a form problem in IE just days after 1GB+ update was required to fix a DVD player issue. Whoever came up with the monolithic way of distributing software should be sent directly to Principal Nadella's office.

    (Yes, writing this in anger after spending most of Wednesday troubleshooting an Office 365 update that were failing on all of our machines)

  7. JerryH

    It is actually pretty clear why an out of band is required. Now that patches for Windows are all basically cumulative - no more individual security patches where you could say patch the critical SMB flaw while waiting on the IE patch until it is fixed - you have to take all or nothing. In enterprises, we have security guys saying "you have to ship this NOW" (as it fixes several critical vulnerabilities) and you have the business units saying "you cannot break all my web apps so you cannot ship it ever". In IT we are stuck. Have to ship it but can't ship it. So Microsoft has to do an out of band so that both can be satisfied. It is a self inflicted wound - they caused this by wanting the cumulative model. They have to live with the results which are less than stellar.

  8. Waethorn

    "“[This] means it gets better through periodic software updates.” That much is certainly true."

    Except when it doesn't.

  9. david.thunderbird

    update says I'm currant and history shows last on 20th. I'm feeling left out in the rain to rust.

  10. skane2600

    Don't understand the value of these rapid releases. Negative impact on MS's bottom line if they just waited to release it all at the end of the month? Nothing.

  11. prrobinson81

    FWIW - we use CRM 2011 in our company and the IE11 issue was deemed serious enough for management to halt the deployment of the March patches on 40k+ machines until MS provided a fix (fortunately we caught the issue during our usual testing regime so no end user was actually impacted).

  12. ntct180

    Installed yesterday and it required a reboot

  13. madthinus

    It required a lengthy reboot in both cases thus far.

    • ncn

      yes, it was another one of those scary-long restarts (5-20 mins) ... they really need to put up some sort of warning to assure you that the spinning circle will, someday, end.

  14. mortarm

    >...if not somewhat 14393.969.


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