Microsoft Delivers First Redstone 3 Build of Windows 10 to Insiders

Posted on April 7, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 12 Comments

Microsoft Delivers First Redstone 3 Build of Windows 10 to Insiders

If you’re a Windows Insider who was hoping to take advantage of that “magic window,” here’s a new heads-up: It just closed. Today, Microsoft unexpectedly moved forward to the next version of Windows 10 and released its first Redstone 3 build to Insiders on the Fast ring.

“Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 16170 for PC has been released to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring,” Microsoft’s Dona Sarkar announced on the Windows Experience blog. “You won’t see many big noticeable changes or new features in new builds just yet. That’s because right now, we’re focused on making some refinements to OneCore and doing some code refactoring and other engineering work that is necessary to make sure OneCore is optimally structured for teams to start checking in code. This also means more bugs and other issues that could be slightly more painful to live with – so check your Windows Insider Program settings!”

As promised, there are no major new features in this build. But a few minor changes worth calling out include:

Error 8024a112 is finally fixed. If you are one of the many people experiencing this issue, good new: It’s fixed.

File Explorer Share. Microsoft has updated the Share icon in the File Explorer ribbon to match its new Share iconography.

Cortana Reminders. Microsoft fixed an issue where Cortana Reminders was displayed as a possible share target when Cortana wasn’t enabled.

Mircast fix. Microsoft fixed an issue where Miracast sessions would disconnect a minute or so after the Connect UI was closed if the connection was a first-time pairing.

High DPI fix. Microsoft fixed a high-DPI issue when System (Enhanced) scaling is enabled. Now, applications that use graphics-accelerated content will display correctly.

Night light fix. Now, when you turn off Night light scheduling in Settings, Night light will turn off immediately.

There are a number of known issues, too. Check out the Microsoft blog post for the details.


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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Microsoft Delivers First Redstone 3 Build of Windows 10 to Insiders”

  1. StevenLayton

    Bugger. Jumping out of the insider program was this weekends job!

  2. dnation70

    i'm one of the lucky ones i won't finish install

  3. johnlavey

    Am I just "dreaming" or is the new Redstone 3 really faster and more responsive than the final edition of Creator's Update? I am using the Surface Pro 4.

  4. dallasnorth40

    I'm excited to see the changes Redstone 3 will bring. I'm happily staying in!

  5. PeteB

    Will Redstone 3 finally introduce a Telemetry OPT OUT?

  6. Ugur

    I hope with this update they finally add support for long file and folder/path names by default.

    It's 2017 and i get issues when i copy/delete/unzip stuff which would lead to too long path. Ihave zero understanding for how they think this is acceptable in 2017 =)

    I tried various things to enable the support for long path names (registry stuff and various settings elsewhere which are supposed to make it work) but it still happens regularly that then something doesn't work with it and then a long copy action of many large files has to be stopped in between because a path would get too long. Come on =)

  7. MacLiam

    The 16170 install has failed repeatedly for me on five separate devices at exactly the same spot -- 80% on the "Preparing to Install Update" bar. HP Stream 8; Dell XPS Tower (old); Dell XPS 15 laptop (not quite as old); Surface Pro (the original model); Surface Book (not one of the earliest or latest, but about a year old). I have had installs fail on one or another device over the months, and sometimes on two. I have never had an update fail on every signle device I have tried it on. I am amazed to read that it was installed correctly for anyone.