Microsoft Brings Cortana Shopping Tips to Edge

Posted on June 9, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 15 Comments

In a surprise move, Microsoft on Friday evening announced that it was improving the Cortana integration in its Edge web browser in the most recent version of Windows 10. Now, Cortana will alert you in when you can find a lower price for an item you are viewing in Edge.

“With Cortana and Microsoft Edge, we hope to continue offering features that will help you save time and money when shopping online using the Microsoft Edge web browser,” Microsoft’s Dheeraj Mehta explains.

According to Dheeraj, Microsoft recently piloted a new Cortana feature for Edge that helps users find the best pricing for the product they are viewing. But now this feature is rolling out to everyone using Windows 10 with the Creators Update.

According to Microsoft, this new feature works similarly to other Cortana features in Edge: When you are browsing a product with Edge, a notification will appear in the browser’s address bar, alerting you that you can find a better price elsewhere. When you select this notification, a pane will appear in the browser so you can see what options are available.

As is so often the case, this new functionality only works in the United States. And for now, it supports just 14 retailers—including Amazon, eBay, and Wal-Mart—though Microsoft plans to increase availability and retailer support over time.


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