Microsoft’s US-Centric Focus Bites Again with Fall Creators Update

Posted on July 17, 2017 by Brad Sams in Windows 10 with 56 Comments

With each release of Windows 10, Microsoft has branded the software with names like Anniversary update and Creators Update but their upcoming release, the Fall Creators update, is causing a few issues. Namely, not everyone refers to the second half of the calendar year as the fall and if you live in the southern hemisphere, the second half of the year is actually the spring.

In the UK, the fall is referred to as autumn and as Windows Central first noted, Microsoft is now referring to the fall update in that part of the world as the Autumn Creators update. While that does create a few headaches for keeping the marketing message straight, it’s not the biggest issue.

But, what is an issue and creates a much larger problem is what happens if you live in the southern hemisphere. The Fall Creators update (the Australian website calls it the Autumn Creators update) is actually launching in the spring in this part of the world which does create a much more serious issue as this will likely confuse the consumer when they see that the ‘new’ update appears to be six months old.

One tip I got that I was never able to fully vet was that Microsoft had to change the name of this update at the last minute. I was never able to learn what they were going to originally call it but if that holds true, this may explain why this naming scheme is so messy as they didn’t have the proper amount of time to do the research of calling something “fall” when most of the world uses another name.

More so, this is Microsoft’s latest iteration of how the company primarily focuses on the US with its products. In the US, Fall Creators update makes sense but elsewhere, not so much. This plays nicely into the narrative that the company only cares about the US for its consumer products as Bing, Cortana, Groove, and many of its hardware products (Zune) launch in the US first and if they do make it abroad (Bing/Cortana) they are watered down variant of what is offered in the US.

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