Fall Creators Update Feature Focus: Gaming

Posted on August 31, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10 with 5 Comments

Fall Creators Update Feature Focus: Gaming

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offers some nice refinements to the gaming functionality that Microsoft previously provided in earlier releases.

Remember, the original Creators Update was a “big bang” release for gamers, adding such functionality as Game Mode, Mixer (originally Beam) game broadcasting, and simpler-than-ever screenshot and game clip recording and sharing from the Game bar.

With the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is building on these advancements. Here’s what you can expect.

Game bar improvements

The Windows 10 Game bar gets a number of nice improvements in the Fall Creators Update. Key among them are:

Game Mode toggle. Previously, you had to access Game bar settings in order to enable or disable Game Mode. Now you can do it directly from the Game bar.

HDR screenshot capabilities. The Game bar’s screenshot functionality now includes support for HDR.

Game settings improvements

Gaming settings—available from Settings > Gaming—has likewise been updated in the Fall Creators Update. Under Broadcasting, the new option “Broadcast game audio only” is enabled by default, so that your system sounds are not streamed as you broadcast. And you can also specify your broadcast language.

Also, Game Monitor, an anti-cheating platform, has been renamed to TruePlay, but it is still disabled by default.

Finally, a new Xbox Networking page in Gaming settings can help you find and resolve networking and other issues that might get in the way of your online gaming.

GPU monitoring in Task Manager

As I mentioned previously in Fall Creators Update Feature Focus: Task Manager, the Windows 10 Task Manager has been updated to track GPU performance, just as it did previously for the CPU, RAM, disk access, and networking. So each GPU in your PC will show up individually in the Performance tab, and you can see which processes are accessing which GPU, and how much, in the Processes tab.


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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Fall Creators Update Feature Focus: Gaming”

  1. Daekar

    I'm really pleased to see the GPU stats appear, that's one less utility I'll need to have installed.

  2. JacobTheDev

    GPU support in task manager is a long time coming, amazed it took them until 2017 to support this.

    I love the game bar functionality, but I don't understand why there's not just a general "record screen" option that's not linked to gaming; for work I have to create tutorials for clients occasionally, and it'd be nice to be able to do so without having to use a third party tool (because the game recorder can only record one application).

  3. madthinus

    These updates clearly illustrate the central point of my confusion with Windows 10. Take the gamebar change, that should just be a store update. For that change we need to install a brand new Windows installation which is insane.

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