Windows Insiders: RS3’s Magic Window is About to Close

Posted on October 9, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 19 Comments

Windows Insiders have a short period of time around the release of each Windows 10 version to opt out of preview builds and get back on the normal release schedule. But here’s a heads-up: The time period, which I call the “magic window,” is about to close for the Fall Creators Update.

As a reminder, those who opt a PC into the Windows 10 Insider Preview are pretty much “stuck” on the pre-release Fast or Slow ring: They can slow things down or speed them up, but they can’t get off the train. Without reseting the PC, of course.

But when any Windows 10 version is completed, as the Fall Creators Update (also known as Redstone 3, or RS3) was recently, there is a short “magic window” during which you can opt out of the Insider Preview without any repercussions. That is, because the build of Windows 10 you’re using—in this case, 16299.15 for both the Fast and Slow rings—matches the initial shipping version of the Fall Creators Update, you can simply leave the program. Nothing bad will happen, and you will just continue getting the normal quality updates like everyone else going forward.

If you don’t opt out of the Windows Insider Program, that PC will be switched over to the next version of Windows 10 after the Fall Creators Update, called Redstone 4. And that switchover, which closes the magic window, could happen as soon as tomorrow (Tuesday, October 10). So you need to decide quickly.

To exit a Fast or Slow ring PC from the Insider Preview and get back on the normal update schedule for Windows 10, open Settings and navigate to Update & security > Windows Insider Program.

Here, select the “Stop Insider Preview builds” button. When you do, the following pop-up appears.

Select “Stop Insider builds completely” at the bottom. Then, confirm your decision and reboot as instructed.

You’re out!

Thanks to Richard Hay at the SuperSite for Windows for reminding me about this crucial milestone today on Twitter.


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Comments (19)

19 responses to “Windows Insiders: RS3’s Magic Window is About to Close”

  1. MattHewitt

    Rumor has it that by hopping out of the program, you'll lose OneDrive Files on Demand functionality until after the build officially gets pushed out next week. :(

  2. jeffpr

    Is it also feasible to switch from insider/slow to "Just fixes, apps and drivers" / "release preview" which would keep you on 16299.15 + fixes?

  3. jimchamplin

    I'm on Release Preview now and that's awesome.

    I want those SWEET APP PREVIEWS!!!!!

    Honestly, it's sad... I'm not making fun. Microsoft has been making really big improvements in the built-in apps in Windows 10. WHY DON'T THEY FUCKING SHIP WITH THE MOST RECENT VERSION OF THE OS!? Why is it that I can install 1709 from ISO and end up with a pre-1607 version of Photos!?

    What the fuck!?


  4. StevenLayton

    Thanks. I've jumped ship for the moment!

  5. ChristopherCollins

    I reset my PC the other day and it kept me in RS3 and opted me out of Insider Builds all on it's own.

  6. LordPhantom

    I did this the other day pre-empting this; Interestingly, this REMOVED the new OneDrive files on demand features, and caused my onedrive to start downloading EVERYTHING, which sucked because I was on a metered connection and didn't notice until 23 gig had been sucked down.

    I don't really understand why they turned the feature off... I'm on the same build, just not enrolled in the insiders program.

    • NazmusLabs

      In reply to LordPhantom:

      You should have switched to the Release Preview ring. There is no reason for most windows insiders to completely stop builds. Release Preview rings gets RTM builds only. OneDrive Files on Demand is only available if you are on an insider ring. So release preview should be your best choice for this one.

  7. jclarytx3

    After jumping off the insider train, I lost OneDrive Files on Demand functionality. Starting to download all files. I don't see how to get it back.

    • Dan1986ist

      In reply to jclarytx3:

      At this time, all of us who had Files on Demand and lost it upon leaving Insider Fast, will just have to wait until Microsoft rolls out an update to the sync client. The only option at this time is to use the Choose Folders option to sync or either not sync stuff stored in one's OneDrive storage.

  8. trixiebigwasss

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