Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Heads to Insiders in Release Preview

Posted on October 10, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 18 Comments

It looks like we’re done: Microsoft has pushed Windows 10 Insider Preview build 16299.15 to testers in the Release Preview ring. Pretty much the only milestones left are the public release and the downloadable ISOs.

Microsoft first shipped build 16299.15 to Windows Insiders on the Fast ring exactly one week ago, on October 3. It then shipped it to the Slow ring just two days later.

Since then, it’s been pretty quiet, and many—myself included—have figured that this build, or this build with a cumulative update—would be the final Fall Creators Update release.

With the move to the Release Preview ring, however, this supposition now seems certain. As its name suggests, builds that head to the Release Preview ring are aimed for public release too. This is Microsoft indicating that this build is essentially it.

That said, the way that Windows 10 works is that Microsoft can—and will—update it at any time. So even if build 16299.15 is canonized in ISO form as the final build, anyone who installs the Fall Creators Update will also immediately receive some update via Windows Update too.

Needless to say, Microsoft will almost certainly never say that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update—or Windows 10 version 1709—is done. But … here we are.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Heads to Insiders in Release Preview”

  1. BoItmanLives

    Wonder if they'll ever get around to fixing HDR, which they broke in the CU.

  2. Lewk

    Any other Aussies here have an issue where the new touch keyboard doesn't work with the shape writing?

    I ask specifically Australians as the touch keyboard only just started to display the word flow suggestions in the last build, where all through testing the new touch keyboard didn't work at all on my machines, and I assumed it's because of the Australian Language Pack.

    • Chris

      In reply to Lewk:

      No idea. I don't normally have access to touch devices, but we do have a spare touch-based convertible tablet here in the office, so I'll see if I can get my hands on it for some testing.

  3. ZeroPageX

    I'm looking forward to the OneDrive and WSL stuff. I really hope Start Menu search actually works in this release. If not, I guess I'll have to go back to using a third party utility like I did all the way back in XP.

  4. Lauren Glenn

    Just glad they finally fixed iTunes Store in 1709 after it being broken with Insider builds. Just waiting to find out when I can get the ISO from the upgrade tool. The web site says you can download the 1709 version using Upgrade Advisor, but it doesn't work when I'm running 1703 on my work PC.

  5. Scott Kramer

    Any new talk of multi-tabbed file explorer?

  6. bgoodbody

    Has the OneDrive issue Causing a Crash (STOPCODE: APC INDEX MISMATCH) with a large number of files been fixed?

  7. Piras

    Where can I download the iso's?

  8. BryanK

    Why on earth do they not make the RTM ISO immediately available to early adopters so they can install right away instead of having them contribute to the clogged pipes when the floodgates open to the general public on the 17th?

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