The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is Now Available

Posted on October 17, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 21 Comments

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is Now Available

Microsoft announced today that the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update—Windows 10 version 1709—is now publicly available following a six-month development cycle.

“The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update offers breakthroughs in creativity, from bringing mixed reality and 3D to the masses, to faster broadcasting for gaming, to turning photos and videos into real memories, and so much more,” Microsoft corporate vice president Yusuf Mehdi notes. “The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update can be experienced on a wide variety of Windows 10 PCs and on a range of Windows Mixed Reality headsets available for the first time today.”

As Mr. Mehdi points out above, Microsoft can make a far better case for the “creators” naming on this release than it could for its predecessor, the Creators Update. More important than the branding, however, the Fall Creators Update is also a more significant upgrade than the previous one, with new features that should please almost any Windows user.

That said, Microsoft’s biggest push in this release could be among its least compelling: The Fall Creators Update is the first to incorporate native virtual reality (VR) capabilities into Windows. It’s not clear if this software, called Windows Mixed Reality, will ever see mainstream adoption, but its release has already had one intended effect: Competitors such as HTC Vive have already lowered prices and announced less complicated VR products in a bid to match Microsoft and its hardware partners.

On that note, the first Windows Mixed Reality headsets and motion controllers are also available starting today from companies like Acer, Dell, HP, and Lenovo. Prices start at $399 for headsets bundled with motion controllers.

“It’s so exciting to see so many components coming together to introduce the world to mixed reality, from innovative and affordable new Windows Mixed Reality headsets to technology to experience mixed reality on your PC,” Mr. Mehdi writes. “Now you can enjoy travel, sports, live concerts, and gaming like never before in your own virtual home with content from over 20,000 apps in the Windows Store.”

Microsoft also points to improved support for 3D objects, faster game broadcasting, improved digital inking capabilities, better security and privacy control, various Microsoft Edge improvements, phone integration functionality, and even Eye Control as notable updates in this release. But the most impressive changes, for many, are hidden in the Photos app, which includes a cool “remix” feature for creating digital movies from photos and home video, plus 3D effects, ink integration, transitions, and other video editing capabilities.

What’s not clear is the schedule: The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update may start rolling out today, but based on previous releases, many users won’t see it appear on their PCs for weeks or even months to come. That’s all by design, Microsoft says, as it has an overarching goal of quality and reliability. And, of course, the next Windows 10 feature update, currently codenamed Redstone 4, is expected just six months from now. In many ways, the upgrade train just keeps on rolling.


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Comments (21)

21 responses to “The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update is Now Available”

  1. Mark Pfeifer

    Remind me - what's the best way to get it if you don't want to wait to be offered the update?

  2. Win74ever

    How tragic. No new useful features.

  3. CompUser

    This update just totally crashed my laptop. It went through the process of downloading, getting things ready, installling, rebooting, and finally landing at the log in screen. However, when I try to log in, I get an error that "Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation", so I press "OK", and it just reboots to the error message again. No matter what I do, I can't get past this error message. I've tried every repair option available, but they all fail. I tried restoring to the previous version of Windows, and it failed. I ended up doing a clean install, but the only option I got for what I want to save is "Nothing", so now I have to reinstall all my apps and programs. It's a good thing I never store data files on the C-drive of a computer, because it all would have been lost.

    I guess fate has caught up with me because this is the first Windows 10 update ever to give me problems.

    • chicarcas

      In reply to CompUser:

      Today my wife's Dell XPS 13 (late 2015) got the update and after reboot got a BSOD and entered an endless loop. Guess I'll have to nuke the thing and reset it.

      On the other hand, my custom-built desktop got the update on Saturday and went without any issues.

      I would have been fine if my desktop got borked after the update, but because it happened to my wife while she was using the machine and had a deadline to meet, somehow I will get blamed for it.

      Curse you Microsoft!

  4. jlmerrill

    Got mine yesterday.

  5. mikeghou

    While my android phone shows in Settings, I've never gotten the alleged text message and still no notifications from the phone on the pc, plus Edge don't sync. Tho I can send a page to pc from the phone.

  6. Bobby Williams

    I started the download at 7pm Tuesday night. It is now 6:42 am Wednesday and Preparing to install is at 91% WTF?

  7. Troughley

    So far so good here. Still working out OneDrive efforts but loving the changes.

  8. lakehouselife

    Well it's downloading just after I checked for updates tonight. Wasn't expecting that!

  9. Sihaz

    it's live in the uk now

  10. Sihaz

    not showing up on any official sites yet for forced download...

  11. BryanK

    When Microsoft says the official release date of the Fall Creators Update is October 17th, then at the very least the media creation tool should be updated at midnight (Redmond time) for early adopters. Another sloppy stumble out of the gate for Microsoft which has become par for the course.

  12. wolters

    This may be the first major Windows 10 Update that I may do a clean install of once the update has arrived. I want a fresh, clean slate to work with the new OneDrive "placeholders". Looking forward to it.

  13. Brian Devins

    Fall Creators Update will be available at 10:00am EST today (October 17, 2017). Here's how you can force update if your machine isn't among the lucky few selected for automatic upgrade.