Exclusive: Microsoft Plots a Transition Year for Windows 10 (Premium)

Exclusive: Microsoft Plots a Transition Year for Windows 10

An extensive collection of internal documentation viewed by shows that Microsoft is resetting its Windows 10 strategy this year. The result will be new Windows 10 product editions, branding, and capabilities. Plus a tiered pricing model that will make appropriate new Windows 10 product editions and capabilities available via a wide range of device types.

The amount of information I've seen is so extensive and comprehensive that it's hard to put it all in perspective. But as you may recall, I recently noted that Microsoft seemed to be rebranding Windows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro in S mode. These documents confirm that observation. And they expand on this information by noting that Windows 10 Home will also be available in S mode. (We previously knew that Windows 10 Enterprise could also be made available in S mode, though I'm not aware of any customers actually using that product yet.)

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