Fall Creators Update Surges to 85 Percent Usage Share

Posted on February 21, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 with 16 Comments

Fall Creators Update Surges to 85 Percent Usage Share

AdDuplex this week is reporting that the Fall Creators Update is now installed on fully 85 percent of all Windows 10 PCs in use. It appears that Microsoft’s goal of moving the user base forward to the latest version is happening.

As you may know, AdDuplex is the largest cross-promotion network for Windows apps, and the firm empowers developers and publishers to promote their apps for free by helping each other. This month, the firm again looks at the Fall Creators Update deployment rate.

“Two months ago, the Fall Creators Update jumped up by 30 percent, last month by about 20 percent, and now it added another 10 percent [of percentage growth],” AdDuplex notes in its latest report. “The growth is obviously slowing down as the next update is imminent.”

As I wrote previously, deployment of the Fall Creators Update has been very rapid when compared to previous feature updates. It hit 5 percent of all Windows 10 PCs within one week, was at 20 percent after just one month, and sailed past 50 percent after two months. And last month, it attained almost 75 percent usage.

Today, Windows 10 Fall Creators Update usage stands at an incredible 85 percent.

As always, AdDuplex also looks at some other interesting related data points. These include:

Country-by-country usage share. “In some countries (Canada, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, etc.) the Fall Creators Update has over 90% [usage] share,” AdDuplex claims. “In other countries (China, India, and others) it’s still in the 60 percent range. But the majority is around the global 85 percent mark.”

Surface PC usage share. “The new Surface Pro continues to grow and is now third [by usage], while Surface Laptop is still stuck at 2 percent and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.” I continue to be amazed at how poorly Surface Laptop has performed. Could this be a Windows 10 S curse?


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