Groupy Updates Goes Where Microsoft Fears to Tread

Posted on March 6, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Groupy Updates Goes Where Microsoft Fears to Tread

With Sets delayed to some future release of Windows 10, Stardock’s Groupy fills a void. And the latest release of this inexpensive utility adds some new features that will really put it over the top for some.

As you may recall, Stardock announced Groupy back in November, before Microsoft revealed that it was working on a similar new Windows 10 feature called Sets. The idea is simple enough: It lets you combine multiple applications and other windows into single tabbed windows, much like a browser does with web pages. Groupy 1.0 was later released in December 2017, and Stardock added it to the latest version of its Object Desktop suite in January.

Whether Sets even appears in a future Windows 10 release is unclear: The version that Microsoft tested was horribly incomplete and only worked with Store apps. But Groupy has always worked with all windows, not just Store apps. And it works on Windows 7 and 8.x too.

Today, it’s getting even better. Groupy 1.1 lets you save grouped windows so you can recall them later. And you can also sort window tabs by task or function, and automatically add launched applications into an existing tab group.

“Groupy gives Windows users the experience they’ve wanted for many years,” Stardock general manager Angela Marshall says. “With Groupy, your entire desktop works the same way that your web browser works. And because seeing is believing, we’re letting everyone try Groupy for free for a month.”

The Groupy 30-day trial is available from the Stardock website. The app normally costs $9.99.


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