Microsoft Announces Windows 10 April 2018 Update

Posted on April 27, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 19 Comments

Here Comes Windows 10 Version 1803

Three weeks later than originally scheduled, Microsoft has finally announced the Windows 10 April 2018 Update, which will upgrade Windows 10-based PCs to version 1803.

“With our latest major release—the Windows 10 April 2018 Update—we want to give you back some of your greatest currency, your time,” Microsoft’s Yusuf Mehdi explains. “Our hope is that you’ll have more time to do what matters most to you, create, play, work or simply do what you love.”

Unlike the previous two Windows 10 feature updates, the April 2018 is a relatively small upgrade. It comes with only one major new feature, called Timeline, and a handful of useful buy minor changes.

“With Timeline, your Windows 10 PC lets you go back in time up to 30 days to find your stuff, whether you were working on it earlier today, last week, or a few weeks ago,” Mr. Mehdi writes. “Because much of our activity is on the go, you can even pick up what you were doing if signed into your Microsoft account while using Microsoft Edge or Office 365 on your iOS or Android device when you return to your Windows 10 PC.”

Other updates cited by Microsoft include Focus Assist (which is really just a renamed feature that’s been included in Windows 10 since last year), and improvements to Microsoft Edge, voice dictation, and Cortana.

As to the schedule, Microsoft continues to insist that the April 2018 Update isn’t “late” or “delayed.” But it’s both: Microsoft originally signed off on this Windows 10 version in late March and then belatedly found some issues that were serious enough to trigger a reset and weeks of delays.

But in the good news department, the update release will at least (barely) meet the promise of its name: Microsoft says it will begin rolling out on Monday, April 30 (the last day of April) as a free download. And then it will hit Windows Update on Tuesday, May 8.


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Comments (21)

21 responses to “Microsoft Announces Windows 10 April 2018 Update”

  1. Lewk

    One of the major features that Microsoft point out in the blogpost, Dictation, is unavailable because it's completely broken for Australia. They say it's available for the Australian language, but the whole language pack for Australia is broken. Shape-writing, Pen Input and Dictation are all broken and do not work. A years worth of Feedback submissions and upvotes in the feedback hub have been completely ignored by Microsoft. They truly do not listen to their paying customers about major functionality that is broken.

    • Singingwolf

      In reply to Lewk: Agree. You also can't remove languages so you are stuck with that stupid ENG on your taskbar. And copy/paste for Edge still causes it to freeze (bookmarks).

      • plettza

        In reply to Singingwolf:

        Sometimes you can remove it by going to the another English (like US) and installing that and setting as default. Then go back and select English (Australia) and remove the US version. This seems to work for most of my machines, but on two of them, it's come back and I just couldn't be bothered trying to fix it again.

  2. Lauren Glenn

    Well, I hope this version doesn't crash my GPD Pocket like the Slow ring did with the insiders build. I'm stuck on 1709 until I can work out drivers issues. Also, I kind of wish this web site would stop showing status messages for the ads on it because I can't type in this box without it interrupting my typing for more than 1 second.

  3. LyonAdmiral1981

    If I can't have my Windows XP back can I get my Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 back?

  4. RR

    I really don't get your need to continue arguing with Microsoft as to whether it's "late". They never promised you a date. Move on.

  5. NoFlames

    It isn't late if there's no release date set. That's the beauty of not having a public schedule, you can always declare it on time :)

  6. hrlngrv

    Are we still going to call it 1803 informally? Wel, why not? Off by one has a fine tradition in software.

    • Bart

      In reply to hrlngrv:

      No. But I guess the general public isn't interested in the name anyway. We seem to make a fuss about it here on, because....? we like to think about it, like we did in the Service Pack days? Sure, a few like Paul would like to have clear references, but the most clear reference is in the name. It is Windows 10. Period.

  7. Chris Payne

    Typo: "...handful of useful buy minor changes."

    I've been on this build since they put it in release preview last week... feels like the exact same thing as the last update. Don't notice anything new of value, and all the bugs I reported before are still here.

  8. Dan1986ist

    Seeing as May 8th is the second day of Build (correct me on that if I'm wrong about that), and Windows 10 Build 1803 will going out through Windows Update on the same day, I wonder if Microsoft has done anything on their end to mitigate any throughput and bandwidth issues from either streaming the keynote or downloading Version 1803?

    Just wait and see, a lot of people are either going to be running Windows Update to download 1803 or will possible being streaming the Day 2 Build keynote. Not going to lie and say that Day 1 for 1803 via automatic windows updates will go without a hitch.

  9. Patrick3D

    Is Timeline just Microsoft forcing Previous Versions to be turned on for profile data folders? (Documents, Desktop, etc...)

  10. Elindalyne

    This is going to be a disaster of an update...

    3-4 times a day I've been having random ShellExperienceHost crashes. This is on a new machine with very little installed other than standard developer tools. The computer becomes completely unresponsive other than the mouse for a minute or two.

    This is not ok -

  11. Davor Radman

    Hm, in our company this newly re-released update seems to be crashing many machines. So I guess they did not fix all of the bugs before re-releasing :/

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