Stardock Releases Start 10 Beta for Windows 10

Posted on February 24, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 0 Comments

After coming to the rescue of millions of beleaguered Windows 8 users with highly-recommended utilities like Start 8, ModernMix and ShadowFX, Stardock is jumping on the Windows 10 bandwagon earlier. The firm today announced a beta version of an upcoming tool called Start 10, which will provide a Windows 7-like Start menu for Windows 10.

As you must know, Windows 10 is going to ship with a Start menu that combines elements from the Windows 8 Start screen with the Windows 7 Start menu. So you may be wondering what the point is.

“I’ve yet to meet a power user who is happy with the current implementation of the Start menu on Windows 10,” Stardock CEO Brad Wardell says. “A desktop OS is not about launching apps. I can do that on a tablet or an iPad. A desktop OS is about managing your ‘stuff’ — your data. We really need Microsoft to understand this distinction. What Start10 is designed to solve is the issue of ensuring that it is always easy and convenient to get to your stuff.”

I see what he’s saying. If you look at the Start menu on my desktop PC, what you see is a bunch of app launching tiles. And I never use any of them.


The Start menu provided by Start 10 appears to look much like the one in Windows 7 and dispenses with the space-hogging tiles.


So I’m intrigued. To get Start 10 today, you need to subscribe to Startdock Object Desktop, which I do not. But as an eager buyer of many of their utilities—I strongly recommend Start 8, ModernMix and ShadowFX to Windows 8.1 users—I’m sure I’ll give Start 10 a shot as soon as I can.

You can learn more on the Start 10 web site.

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