Windows 10 Build 17711 Brings More Microsoft Edge Improvements

Posted on July 6, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 24 Comments

Microsoft is releasing another Insider build of Windows 10 to Insiders in the Fast Ring. The company released build 17704 earlier last week, which brought a number of improvements to Microsoft Edge.

Today, the company released build 17711 which adds a couple of new features to Microsoft Edge. This includes some Fluent Design improvements to the browser, with the default context menu now including a depth (drop shadow) effect which looks pretty neat:

Along with the new Fluent Design improvements, Microsoft Edge’s reading view is getting two improvements to improve the reading experience with new page themes and line focus feature that helps with readability. And finally, Edge will now ask you before saving your credit card details for autofill, a feature which was introduced a few weeks earlier.

Build 17711 also brings improves the Registry Editor with new features that make it easier to navigate the registry. You can now easily find the sub-paths to a registry path while typing in the address bar using the new dropdown menu, for example. All these, plus the Edge improvements, and a couple of bug fixes are available in the latest build for Insiders in the Fast Ring from Windows Update right now.

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Comments (24)

24 responses to “Windows 10 Build 17711 Brings More Microsoft Edge Improvements”

  1. Siv

    Right there is the problem with Windows development at the moment. There is still no "Refresh" option on the right-click menu and the main reason using Edge infuriates me. It's been in pretty much every browser yet they refuse to do it and I raised it as an insider as an issue years ago and it's still not there. They'd rather put a depth drop shadow than put in some real functionality we actually want. God help us!

    • hrlngrv

      In reply to Siv:

      Re drop shadow, for MSFT, eyewash trumps all else.

    • starkover

      In reply to Siv:

      The one next to the home button isn't enough? (I get it for keyboard users, thy have F5 but right click is mouse oriented anyway)

      • Siv

        In reply to Engineerasaurus:

        Muscle memory (i never used F5 and probably never will) it's the act of right-clicking from muscle memory then remembering that the beggars have removed it and then having to move the mouse pointer from where I was up to the toolbar to press the refresh icon and by that point I just want to throw the [email protected] PC out the window!

        Get off my lawn!

        • jimchamplin

          In reply to Siv:

          F5 has been standard equipment since the gorram 1990s, my dude! Also, the toolbar button is ONE CLICK vs TWO CLICKS!

          You may have some ARGLEBARGLE reasons but uhhhhh...

          Sorry, they streamlined the UX and left the two methods that are used 95% of the time?

          If it's important, link us to your feedback. I'll gladly upvote your feedback because I know how damn annoying it is for a real issue, be it errata or regression to slip through when the Technorati all vote for some BS crap.

          Link it up bro! I'll upvote you!

  2. PeteB

    How about a Telemetry opt out switch?

  3. PanamaVet

    I remember the exciting days at Microsoft when talent was a treasure and there was a path to wealth for Microsoft employees in general.  There was a commitment to satisfying consumers based on accurate assessments of market demand.

    Then the bean counters took charge and that culture became history.  Their commitment to the consumer faded as well.

    3D Drawing?  I spent a few minutes confirming that I still don't have the time or the inclination.  I don't know anyone who was suffering for the lack of 3D fiddling.  I have never read anything describing even a small consumer need for 3D drawing.

    The corporate presentations represent a management political environment that is capable of celebrating mediocrity.   That is how Windows takes a back seat.  No one is keeping score and everyone gets a trophy.


  4. webguynj

    And @thurrott still no Search Browser History!

  5. Dan1986ist

    So, anyone else with a Dell Venue 8 Pro getting a Secure Boot Violation on the very first reboot after the Windows Update portion of the update/upgrade to Build 17711? If you are, I highly suggest not trying to update to this build on that device if you are using it for Windows Insiders. Even disabling secure boot in the UEFI only allows the offline portion to proceed to only 10% before restoring Build 17704. Others have confirmed this happening to them and posted in the Feedback Hub app about this way.

  6. TigerTom

    I appreciate I'm probably the minority here, but I use edge as my daily driver.

    Its come a long way, I do agree though having it as an app would be better.

    The UI and settings are getting there at a glacial pace, they really need to spend a build cycle on spit and polish, although as Paul mentioned recently this build has started down that road.

  7. spacein_vader

    Even more sexier? Nice grammar.

  8. Atoqir

    I can’t believe they didn’t learn their lesson from IE. Once again they integrated Edge so deep in the OS that the majority of OS builds seem to focus on browser updates.

    They should have fixed this ago so that browser development wasn’t stuck on 2 updates each year...

  9. CeeTee

    UI and Features are all meh, whatever, but the big failing with Edge is how far behind its core rendering technology is lagging not only the competition but the standards. In some areas it's barely advanced at all since IE. Developing PWAs with Edge? yeah, right.,chrome+68

  10. PSadlon

    To be fair I care about the improvements to other features, more than I care what they do with Edge. I don't know I just don't care about the things in a browser Microsoft thinks I should care about. Speed? For the most part, nothing is slow enough to notice Maybe I should care about battery life but my laptop serves as a desktop replacement. Clean UI? There is a thing as too clean and if I'm spending too much time looking for things are too out of the way I just ain't happy. Security, privacy, & extensibility others handle it better. Now the Registry Editor improvement is way past overdue and Fluent Design sounds like it has the potential make some things easier on my tired old eye or al least make things look better.

    • CompUser

      In reply to PSadlon:

      Something I'd like to see in the Registry Editor is a "Find All" feature. Having to use "Find Next" when you're manually cleaning remnants from an uninstalled program, and finding hundreds of entries, is a royal pain in the ass. I remember an aftermarket program I used at a job I had about 20 years ago that had this, and it was great. Unfortunately, I just can't remember what the program was, and haven't been able to find it.

  11. SvenJ

    I'd think they would be working to get rid of the damned registry, rather than plumping up the editor.

  12. bluvg

    Regedit love? :O

  13. Major Bystander

    Even in this latest release Edge still does not support back/forward page functions in the right-click context menu, something Firefox, Chrome, Opera and IE all offer. When this functionality is added I will start to use Edge.