Windows 10 Could Be Coming to Chromebooks

Posted on August 13, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Chrome OS, Chromebook, Pixelbook, Windows 10 with 23 Comments

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Chromebooks could be getting a huge feature in the coming months. In an ironic turn of events, Google is reportedly working on adding support for Windows 10 to its flagship Pixelbook device, allowing users to dual-boot Windows 10 on their Chromebooks.

The company has been internally working on adding dual-boot support for Windows 10 to Chrome OS for months, reports XDA DevelopersThe feature is internally known as “Campfire”, much like Apple’s Boot Camp feature that lets users run Windows on their Mac devices. Google has been trying to pass Microsoft’s hardware certification for Windows 10 with the Pixelbook as early as June of this year, and a public release could be closer than we think.

Campfire is expected to initially only support the Pixelbook, with support for other Chromebook devices potentially arriving in the future. Of course, most of the entry-level Chromebook devices wouldn’t support Campfire as it will need more than 16GB of storage. Even if you have a Pixelbook with 16GB storage, you will need more storage to be able to dual-boot into Windows 10. The system apparently requires a minimum of 40GB storage, so it can allocate 30GB to Windows 10, and the other 10GB to Chrome OS itself.

With the ability to dual-boot Windows 10, Chromebooks will soon become more powerful. You can already run Linux commands and Android apps on Chrome OS itself but with Windows 10 support, Chromebooks are going to more of a viable option for professional users. Of course, all of that depends mostly on how well Campfire is capable of running the OS.

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