Your Phone App Now Available for Windows 10 Version 1803 (updated)

Posted on August 14, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 24 Comments

Update: It looks like Your Phone being made available for all Windows 10 Version 1803 wasn’t intentional. A Microsoft employee confirmed on Twitter that the rollout was not intentional, and it has since been reverted. “Your Phone is currently intended for Windows Insiders,” another employee said on Twitter.

It has not even been a month since Microsoft started testing the new Your Phone app with Windows Insiders in Redstone 5, but the company today brought the app to a wider range of Windows 10 users. Windows 10 users running the latest version of the OS, aka version 1803, can now download the app from the Microsoft Store.

Your Phone, for those unfamiliar, is a new cross-platform experience for  Windows 10 that’s meant to make it easier for users to work between their computer and mobile devices. By letting users sync their notifications, messages, and files from their phone with their PC, Microsoft hopes to eliminate the inconvenience that is transferring content from your phone to the PC in 2018.

While Your Phone is in its very early stages at this moment, Microsoft is still developing the app to introduce additional functionality. The app is really only useful for Android users, as it lets them sync photos from their Android device with their PC, but that’s about it. If you are an iPhone owner, you can’t really do anything with the app because of the closed nature of Apple’s operating system. And as for Android, the app is expected to get support for syncing messages and notifications in the future. It has a long way to go, for sure.

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Your Phone App Now Available for Windows 10 Version 1803 (updated)”

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    I fail to understand how a company the size of Microsoft can consistently miss every opportunity.

    This is yet another half-hearted, incomplete attempt. How long will it take until it can become useful? Why start with photos, which are typically synced up with cloud services anyway, and not SMS texts. At least that would be somewhat useful.

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    For me, I never get the text on my Pixel that should lead to the companion app. Yes I am getting texts on the phone otherwise. Oh well.

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    Only lasted one day, One Phone has now been pulled from 1803, not ready for prime time.

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    Why does MS keep releasing half baked software? I have to assume they have the development power to actually release a complete app. By doing it this way, people will try it, it won't do anything useful, and then they will leave it to rot and never go back. Apple seems to be doing this too, to a lesser extent, so maybe its just this millennial generation of doing thing and only expecting thing to be half-baked.

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    Peter Vassiliou

    At its current state the app is useless. It also gets on my nerves because every time I reboot, or resume my laptop from standby it will automatically reconnect with my phone. My phone will show a notification and there is no way to hide it, unless you disable notifications for the app. Very irritating. The app currently doesn't sync anything, it just shows the pictures of your phone.

    Microsoft has to do a lot of work with the app to make it useful.

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    Elan Gabriel

    It's still telling me that it's for RS5 only. I have the latest apps installed (both on phone and pc). I assume it's another US only thing.

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    So my work Surface Pro 4, the app will open and show my recent photos. It's ready to do more when RS5 is released.

    On my home PC, the app says I need RS5 to do anything.

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    I can see the basic functionality is the "continue where I left off" area of Microsoft's thinking. My own view is that it's welcome but somewhat underwhelming given all the emphasis on intelligent edge and working with the devices you have. It really underlines how Microsoft struggles every day with a mobile world where it has no control of the experience.

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    You should be able to send photos with iOS. They just haven't released the iOS app yet. It's Messages they won't be able to do anything with.

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    "The app is really only useful for Android users, as it lets them sync photos from their Android device with their PC, but that’s about it. If you are an iPhone owner, you can’t really do anything with the app because of the closed nature of Apple’s operating system."

    So somebody please explain why this is even being released?

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    Just checked with my iPhone 7+ and... does not work. I didn't expected another thing.

    Not only that, but last version in Edge does not synchronize anymore.

    Crap, crap and more crap.

    I saved some videos failing. Edited to add the link:

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      In reply to rfog: With instructions like, 'get instant access to your Android phone's photos' and 'You must link your Android phone', I wonder why you are surprised your iPhone doesn't work. Does it run Android?

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    With Android Messages and Google's web apps, I don't see how this would be remotely useful for me

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    I'm a bit confused. I was getting and replying to SMS messages from my Samsung S8 for months, on 1709/1803, until about 4 weeks ago. Fantastic. Then it stopped after an update. I also was running Insider, but it never worked with that. Now it doesn't work with either. Seems to be going backwards.

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