Microsoft Release Patch Tuesday Updates for Windows 10

Posted on September 11, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows 10 with 8 Comments

Microsoft is releasing a bunch of new cumulative updates for supported versions of Windows 10 as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday. The company has released updates for Windows 10 version 1803, version 1709, version 1703, version 1607, and the very initial version of Windows 10.

As these are cumulative updates, they only include minor fixes and a bunch of security patches, so there isn’t anything exciting here. The updates also aren’t huge, likely because of the fact that Microsoft released two sets of patches last month. This is a fairly new trend where Microsoft releases the first set of updates with Patch Tuesday, followed by the next set of updates roughly 2 weeks later.

Anyway, here’s the changelog for the update for the latest version of Windows 10 — version 1803 — which got the update KB4457128:

  • Provides protection against a Spectre Variant 2 vulnerability (CVE-2017-5715) for ARM64 devices.
  • Addresses an issue that causes the Program Compatibility Assistant (PCA) service to have excessive CPU usage. This occurs when the concurrency of two simultaneous add and remove programs (ARP) monitoring threads is not handled correctly.
  • Security updates to Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft scripting engine, Microsoft Graphics Component, Windows media, Windows Shell, Windows Hyper-V, Windows datacenter networking, Windows virtualization and kernel, Windows Linux, Windows kernel, Microsoft JET Database Engine, Windows MSXML, and Windows Server.

You can find the changelog for version 1709 here, version 1703 here, version 1607, and the original version of Windows 10. All the updates are available through Windows Update.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Release Patch Tuesday Updates for Windows 10”

  1. Stooks

    Wait....hold a that a Spectre Variant patch for ARM CPU's????

    I thought, according to Paul, that ARM for Windows was free of those Intel issues and was going to crush Intel out of the PC market? You know the new 850...or 1000 ARM CPU. I mean they are going to 7nm right?? How can this be.

    Windows on ARM is the over rated tech of the last few months. It has surpassed the former over rated tech champ, PWA's, to take the lead!

  2. DaddyBrownJr

    I got a BSOD during the reboot on this one. :-\

  3. RonH

    This one updated fast for me, under 4 minutes. Usually take a lot longer.

  4. kjb434

    Even Windows Phone got an update...feel sorry for the programmer that had to compile and release that patch.

  5. MacLiam

    From 17134.254 to 17134.285

  6. jumpingjackflash5

    Windows Linux … :-) :-)

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