Windows Search Is Getting Improved With the Next Major Update

Posted on October 24, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 39 Comments

Microsoft today released Windows 10 build 18267 to Insiders in the Fast Ring. The latest build of Windows 10 19H1 brings a number of new features, coupled with a bunch of fixes. Windows 10 19H1 is set to launch sometime in the first half of 2019, so we are still very much in the first stages of development.

The latest build of Windows 10 brings a revamped search feature for Windows. Microsoft is introducing a new feature for search in Windows 10 that will allow you to search all of your folders and files from Windows Search. The new mode is called “Enhanced Search” and you can choose to exclude certain folders from showing up in search results if you want to.

Keep in mind that once you enable the feature, Windows will have to manually index your entire file directory, so that could take a bit of time. You can, of course, switch to the classic Search feature that will only search your documents, pictures, videos, and desktop folders. I am quite interested to see if Microsoft will ever make the Enhanced mode the default in Windows going forward.

Along with the updated Windows Search, the new build also introduced some minor input-related improvements in Windows. You can checkout the full changelog here.

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Comments (40)

40 responses to “Windows Search Is Getting Improved With the Next Major Update”

  1. harmjr

    Wow I have heard about the change to search and was assuming that was in this version of Windows.

    Hope this test out good because I believe we really need a better search.

  2. rfog

    The big question is: will it find?

  3. rahewitt

    I use Agent Ransack on all my PCs as Windows Search has been broken since Windows 7. They wonder why we don't use Bing, when they can't even search a PC properly.

    All that remains to be done now is to restore the File, Edit, View menu on all parts of the OS and Applications.

  4. jean



    Did they also provide you with a schedule for the trip of Mr. Windows to Europe ? Since HE will do that manually, I guess HE will have to be visiting me - or Do I have to give them remote access to my devices ?


  5. Tony Barrett

    I'm assuming this means that the enhanced search will send even more info back to the MS mothership about literally everything on your PC, mapped drives, links etc. MS don't do any of this for the benefit of the user, without getting some benefit out of it for themselves!

  6. Daniel7878

    still waiting for them to catch up to agent ransack.....

  7. JMarco

    Have insider build 18267. Filled in the enchanced search slot. Had only 44,000+ record in two directories. Didn't seem too long to work through. Have noticed even opening windows explorer for any file/dir. now is much faster.

  8. VancouverNinja

    Extremely fast. Basically instant results.

  9. Winner

    Is Windows Search even a thing?

    When I go to Windows 10 and search for "Microsoft Project", it gives me a Bing internet search. Even though I have Microsoft Project installed on my machine.

    Under Windows 7 it worked.

    Under Windows 10, it's now called "Project" and if you search for "Microsoft Project" it fails. If you just choose "Project", it succeeds.

    • dontbe evil

      In reply to Winner:

      if you search for "Microsoft project" it search for "Microsoft project" but it doesn't exist, makes totally sense... if you install a new app caled "bbb" from a company called "aaa", but on your pc Is installed only like "bbb", what do you expect to see if you search for "aaa bbb" ? windows doesn't know anything about aaa

      • Tony Barrett

        In reply to dontbe_evil:

        I disagree. That actually indicates that Search is broken, or at least pretty dumb. The 'search' in Windows is meant to be very clever - why shouldn't you be able to search for 'Microsoft Project' and not get the correct result?

        • dontbe evil

          In reply to ghostrider:

          because probably there is no sign of "Microsoft project" in the system during the installation, only about "project"... are you 100% sure of what are you saying and the search is broken?

          let's try again, if you have a friend called John Smith, but you save in your db only John, what do you expect to find when you search for John Smith?


          comments notifications on this website are still broken for me

  10. BoItmanLives

    No thanks they will just datamine the shit out of all my files and it will still be slow as ever.

    Search Everything by VoidTools searches with instant results and best of all, no spying.

  11. euskalzabe

    Is the Enhanded Search better at excluding files because it erases them in the first place when you install the new update? I still can't believe this has happened TWICE in the past couple weeks.

    • cmdrkeene

      In reply to euskalzabe:

      the 2nd issue was different from the bug that deleted old directories even if they weren't empty. The 2nd issue had nothing to do with installing the update, but was instead related to extracting files out of a zip, it ignored pre-existing files instead of overwriting them or prompting as people wanted. So it was "safe" in that it didn't destroy data, but people thought they had extracted files and then deleted the ZIP, when they still had old (not overwritten) copies.

      • Jacob Klein

        In reply to cmdrkeene:

        Just want to say, that ... with this bug, it wasn't "safe".

        If user copies stuff out of the zip, and expects the destination files to be updated, and they aren't, they are losing the data they expected to have. It is a data loss issue.

        In fact, I was one of the first Insiders to report it (Jacob K, in Feedback Hub), and well, I did what I could to report it. Hopefully the new Impact option in Feedback Hub will allow us Insiders to get obscure bugs to have more attention.

  12. skane2600

    Wasn't searching the entire filesystem the default back in the day?

  13. mmcpher

    I'm O.A.F. so I don't remember so well, but what was that google desktop search service that was discontinued years ago? It tended to bog down the system but it would dig deep and far back and uncover results you would have thought were deleted permanently, and go across docs, files, emails. . . . It was disconcerting that google could worm it's way that deep into your files, wherever and whenever they were. I recall there being no satisfactory explanation as to why it was being disabled and discontinued.

  14. ianhead

    Nice news. PLEASE Microsoft, include the option to index network shares on your local machine too, if you're not bothered with making the server-side indexing play nice with data deduplication.

    • Jonne70

      In reply to ianhead:

      This. A feature to search from indexed Windows server documents was working perfectly in Windows 7, but was removed starting from Windows 8. It was super convenient to find documents on the company server directly from the start menu search. Please Microsoft, bring it back.

  15. thalter

    MacOS really gets search right (and fast) with Spotlight. Hopefully this is as good.

  16. silversee

    "I am quite interested to see if Microsoft will ever make the Enhanced mode the default in Windows going forward..."

    For consumers I should think not, since most Windows licenses are sold with laptops, 2-in-1s and other mobile devices for which this will be detrimental to battery life. This may, however, appease the gamer/enthusiast crowd and those who think that all PC users have beefy desktop rigs like themselves.

  17. Maktaba

    I hope it also searches inside OneNote notebooks that are stored in OneDrive, and not just in local notebooks.

  18. DavidSlade

    I just noticed Candy Crush and Mickey Mouse reappeared on this build. I thought they were gone for good since I uninstalled them 2 builds ago.

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