Windows 10’s Next Major Updates Will Be Codenamed Vanadium, Vibranium

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 18 Comments

Microsoft has used the “Redstone” codename scheme for multiple Windows 10 updates. The company is no longer using Redstone codenames going forward, though — in fact, the upcoming Windows 10 October 2018 Update is the last update to feature the Redstone codename.

We already know that Windows 10’s next major update is codenamed 19H1. But Microsoft is changing things up, again, according to ZDNet.

Now that Windows is in the same group as Azure, the Windows team is switching to a codenaming scheme used by the Azure team: names of elements. Windows 10 19H1 was originally meant to be codenamed Titanium, though since the Windows team had already started using 19H1 internally, they decided to stick with the name.

Going forward, though, Windows will use the same codename scheme as Azure. This means the next Windows 10 update, previously codenamed 19H2, will be called Vanadium (comes after Titanium/19H1). And the first update coming in 2020 was going to be called Chromium, but since that’s already being used by Google, the Windows team is apparently going to call it Vibranium internally. And yes — that’s the same Vibranium that’s widely used in Wakanda from Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Microsoft’s Surface team also notably uses names of elements as the codenames for their products, so it could soon become a company-wide thing at Microsoft. I personally prefer names like Vibranium and Redstone over simple schemes like 19H1 or 19H2, as they sound much cooler than just 19H1 or 20H1.

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