Apple Updates iCloud for Windows 10 Version 1809

Posted on November 28, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Apple, Cloud, Windows 10 with 11 Comments

After identifying an incompatibility between iCloud and the latest version of Windows 10, Apple this week quietly issued a fix in the form of iCloud 7.8.1.

“iCloud for Windows 7.8.1 requires Microsoft Windows 7 or later; Outlook 2007 or later or (for Mail, Contacts, Calendar); and Internet Explorer 10 or later, Firefox 30 or later, or Google Chrome 28 or later (for Bookmarks),” an Apple support document notes, while never explaining that this release also fixes the Windows 10 version 1809 incompatibility.

Fortunately, Microsoft provides the confirmation on its own Windows 10 Update History website, where iCloud had previously been listed as an “upgrade blocker” for those seeking to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1809.

“Apple has released an updated version of iCloud for Windows (version 7.8.1) that resolves compatibility issues encountered when updating or synching Shared Albums after updating to Windows 10, version 1809,” the site explains. “We recommend that you update your iCloud for Windows to version 7.8.1 when prompted before attempting to upgrade to Windows 10, version 1809. You can also manually download the latest version of iCloud for Windows.”

For those unfamiliar with iCloud for Windows—I can’t imagine the audience using this solution is very large—it’s a utility that lets you sync your email and contacts, web browser bookmarks, documents, and photos between Apple’s cloud service and your PC. Usage of iCloud is probably a lot higher within Apple’s own ecosystem of Macs, iPhones, and iPads, where it’s also used to sync reminders, and notes, plus Apple apps such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers.

You can learn more about Apple’s iCloud service on the iCloud Help website.


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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Apple Updates iCloud for Windows 10 Version 1809”

  1. Atoqir

    I use this on my desktopPC for when I occasionaly need something from my stuff because is terrrrrrible.

    For my IT-work we are fully in Office365, SQL and Visual Studio development and I use these on my work laptop at work.

    But at home and on the road for non-work related thing, I noticed I am always on my iPhone and iPad with keyboardcover.

    So I decided to put my files, mails, photos, notes, reminders, music and calendar in iCloud a while ago and it works brilliantly. It works nice because my partner isn't tech savy but be use reminders for shopping lists, shared picture albums from holidays, a shared calendar for our social events and it works great.

  2. Stooks

    "I can’t imagine the audience using this solution is very large"

    Understatement of the year.

    From what I understand it was syncing photos with in you want to use Photos on iCloud from a Windows PC and any photo you have on the PC would sync up. Who does this???

    First off you must put the photos in specific folders this app creates to upload them. It DOES not use your default photo folders in Windows. So you must move them from the default to this folder. Way too manual. Also if on a PC then you could only use the web version of iCloud Photos since there is not a native app for photos on Windows like there is on iOS and MacOS. One drive is a much better solution for Windows users, even those who use iOS.

    I do use this app to sync my Chrome favorites from my Windows PC's to my iOS devices (safari). Chrome on iOS does not support ad blocking so I do not use it.

    • Chris_Kez

      In reply to Stooks:

      Perhaps this iCloud for Windows could be helpful in getting photos from your PC into your photo library on iPhone/iPad? For example I shot a bunch of photos with my dSLR over Thanksgiving. I'd like to have those alongside all the pics I took with my iPhone, right inside the iOS Photos app. Right now I would do that through iCloud on the web from my Surface.

  3. dontbe evil

    and so apple fixed their issue … but let's blame ms because is cool ... Can you remind me what were you saying about apple haters paul???

  4. jprestig

    I use it but mostly for bookmark syncing with Chrome. I'm not a fan of Chrome on iOS, so it's nice they offer this option so I can easily get my bookmarks on Safari.

  5. woodward5418

    I actually use iCloud quite a bit to sync between my personal windows machine and my company device. My company blocks both Dropbox and OneDrive (even though we are a large Office365 customer) so at this point the only solution I have found that can work is iCloud. It also helps with working with documents on my iPad. I am sure my company will eventually get around to whacking that access as well. They previously shut off all ability to use usb drives only allowing exceptions in 6 month increments.

  6. Jeffsters

    The primary use case for this is a Windows desktop or notebook user that uses an iPhone. Keeps things in sync between them. I suspect there are far more than is represented here.

  7. lordbaal1

    This is handy for people that uses Windows and an iPad or iPhone.

    Lately Paul just complains a lot.

    He has become a grumpy old man. Leo has become come a grumpier old man.

    So put them together, they are grumpy old men.