Windows 10 19H1’s Latest Build Introduces Updated File Explorer Icon, Console Improvements, More

Posted on December 10, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 33 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows 10 19H1 build to Insiders in the Fast Ring. The company today released build 18298 which brings a number of new changes. Here’s a breakdown:

  • File Explorer has a new icon, as you can see below, which works better with the new light mode in Windows 10:
  • You can now setup a security key for your account right from the sign-in options page in settings
  • The ability to unpin a group of tiles/apps on the Start Menu is now available to all Insiders
  • Touch Keyboard is now able to adapt the target for each key by predicting which key you will tap next in order to improve accuracy
  • The console in Window now has a Terminal tab that includes new settings like more granular terminal colors, as well as scrolling options
  • Notepad has been updated with improvements to UTF-8 encoding, and an indicator (an asterisk) on the title bar of the app when you are working on a file with unsaved changes
  • Updated Windows 10 setup experience for ISO files, as well as a new orange indicator on the Power button when there’s a new update that you need to restart your device for
  • Improvements to Narrator, Ease of Access for improved accessibility

There are a bunch of other new changes included in this build, as well as updates to some stock apps like Snip & Sketch and Game Bar which now has a Gallery that shows all your screenshots and videos for a particular game. You can find the full changelog here.

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Comments (33)

33 responses to “Windows 10 19H1’s Latest Build Introduces Updated File Explorer Icon, Console Improvements, More”

  1. glenn8878

    They need to add back in recent documents on the Start Menu. The Import pictures in Photos app is broken. Doesn’t work well my iPhone. Overall, Windows 10 is more buggy and less useful than Windows 7.

    • fbman

      In reply to glenn8878:

      The photo import feature has never worked well on an Iphone, especially when you import videos

      What seems to work, is to import your videos one file at a time.

  2. Bats

    I actually like this style of icons. It has that "material design look." When is this UI gonna be released? I might refresh computer(s) when it happens.

  3. techguy33

    Have intermittent problem in Win10 when connecting via remote desktop to another machine on home network the screen will be black, requiring me to reboot the host computer for video in remote desktop to work again. Used Windows feedback and posted on their support forums for 6 mo. yet the problem is unfixed. But they are all over these icons! Go Microsoft!

  4. derekaw

    The new icon is very impressive.

  5. warren

    So the big news about this build is actually the Narrator improvements...... stuff like having the cursor follow narration, having all-caps text read with extra emphasis, and being able to choose from multiple levels of of verbosity when the UI is being narrated.....

    .... it's now also possible to make your mouse cursor any colour and any size......

    ..... but because Thurrott doesn't give any of that a lot of attention in this half-assed summary article, all the usual complainers come out to comment on how little Microsoft is doing.

    It's like most of you losers don't actually want to learn what's new with Windows. Whining, not learning.

  6. Tony Barrett

    Gee Wiz Sataya. You are working your guys H-A-R-D. I'm sure those pesky bugs are being squashed, and these 2019 releases will go soooooper smooth for ya! Can't wait for this new notepad app. What a revelation! ;-)

  7. Martin Klimke

    a couple of pixel that are a bit darker now. I would call this exciting innovation ...

  8. JaviAl

    Missing the list of the new, updated and improved bugs introduced in this build.

  9. BoItmanLives

    Those ugly metro tiles still clinging to the start menu from some abandoned, bygone mobile era.

    Thank god for Classicshell and StartIsBack

  10. robinwilson16

    I just always get this error when I try to install it:

    Error 0xca00a004

    Googling the error produces no results so must be a new one!


  11. Nonmoi

    SET is no longer, I guess?

  12. jimchamplin

    Now if they can release this one without it looking like beta-quality garbage they’ll really have something!

    I honestly cannot wait to be done with 1809.

  13. NT6.1

    Microsoft lost. Windows failed. They had the nerve to add some shadows to this ugly icon and calling it improvement. LMAO!!!

    We need consistent icons. Not this XP/Vista/7/Metro/UWP mess!

  14. TheFerrango

    So we went from stylized icons in the early 90s to excessively detailed skeuomorphism in the late 00s, then back to stylized with Metro/Modern/Material and now we're adding shading and skeuomorphism to it again. Yay! we've come full circle and are going for the second round!

    Liking the new icon, btw