Signs of Sanity (Premium)


Recent builds of Windows 10 19H1 offer partial solutions to some long-time problems with this platform. To be clear, neither goes far enough. But they are both steps in the right direction and a sign, I think, that Microsoft is finally listening to feedback.

The first change was something I noticed the other night in Windows 10 Home on the then-most-recent Windows 10 Insider Preview build: It is now possible---or, will be possible when Windows 10 19H1 ships---on Windows 10 to pause Windows Updates for 1 to 7 days. I was so excited about this change that I pinged Mary Jo when I saw it, because we often complain on Windows Weekly that Windows 10 Home users are guinea pigs when it comes to Windows Updates. In Windows 10 to date, it was impossible for these users to effectively prevent updates from installing. In fact, we discussed this on the most recent episode of the show.

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