Microsoft’s New Chromium-based Edge Browser Revealed in Leaked Screenshots

Posted on March 5, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Windows, Windows 10 with 39 Comments

Microsoft’s much-awaited Chromium browser has been revealed in all its glory in leaked screenshots. The folks at Neowin got their hands on some screenshots of the new browser, codename Anaheim.

The leaked screenshots reveal the new Edge browser to have an interface identical to Google Chrome. After all, the browser is based on Chromium, so much of the UI looks very identical to Chrome. Microsoft has obviously started layering its own flavour over the interface, including things like redesigning the Settings interface, and introducing its own icons for the UI, etc. understands the new browser’s interface is going to look much like Edge as we know it and not similar to Chrome once it matures.

Microsoft is also building a new store for extensions that will include Microsoft Edge’s existing extensions and the ones for Google Chrome. This means users will be able to run the existing Edge extensions on the browser, as well as all the other Chrome extensions that are available right now. understands Microsoft may only allow users to test a limited selection of Chrome extensions as part of the testing, to begin with.

The new browser also includes an MSN-powered New Tab page, that can be customized in different layouts. The new layout is still slightly different from Edge’s existing New Tab in terms of looks.

Microsoft is expected to start testing the new Edge browser with Windows Insiders sometime very soon, and it seems ready for testing from these leaked screenshots. But yes, it’s coming very soon. Get yourselves ready.

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