Microsoft Releases “Eyes First” Games

Posted on June 18, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Games, Windows 10 with 9 Comments

Microsoft today released four games to the Microsoft Store that rely on the eye-tracking technology built into Windows 10. They are Tile Slide, Match Two, Double Up, and Maze.

“These games can be used with or without Windows 10 Eye Control, a key accessibility feature for people with speech and mobility disabilities,” Microsoft’s Athima Chansanchai explains. “The ‘Eyes First’ games are reinventions of popular games and a fun way to get familiar with eye control and learn the skills to apply to other eye gaze-enabled assistive technologies.”

As the Microsoft Accessibility Blog explains, Windows 10 Eye Control addresses the limitations that people with speech and mobility disabilities can face when trying to communicate. Each of the Eyes First games provides a fun way to get familiar with Eye Control and learn the skills needed to use other eye gaze-enabled assistive technologies. The games are also mouse and touchscreen friendly for those without speech or mobility disabilities.

You can learn more about Eyes First on the Microsoft website.

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