Your Phone’s Android Notification Syncing Now Supports Inline Replies

Posted on July 23, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Windows, Windows 10 with 5 Comments

Earlier this month, Microsoft started rolling out a new feature for the Your Phone app in Windows 10 that’s incredibly useful for Android owners. The new feature allowed users to sync their phone notifications, getting all their notifications from their phone instantly on their PC. It also allowed users to manage their notifications from their PC, but one thing that wasn’t allowed was actually replying directly from notifications for apps that support it.

That means if you got a message on apps like WhatsApp or Messenger, you wouldn’t be able to reply to those messages right from the notification. That’s changing soon.

Microsoft announced today that the company has started rolling out the ability to reply to notifications right from the toast notification to Windows Insiders. This means you will be able to reply to notifications for apps that support inline replies which is really cool.

I don’t have an Android phone to test this feature out, but it seems like the feature doesn’t yet work for quick actions on notifications. That will probably come with the “notification chasing” feature I wrote about earlier this month, though.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Your Phone’s Android Notification Syncing Now Supports Inline Replies”

  1. Lauren Glenn

    This "YourPhone" thing never works well for me with my Samsung S10. I have the Microsoft Launcher... but it's not really clear how to make it work when I have this app installed too. Half the time when setting it up, it says it wants permission on my PC and half the time it works where I approve it .... but I never get any notifications on the PC.

    The only thing that works is that I use Google Voice and just added the add-in to Edgium. Those I get but I can't reply to them....

    It's just not that reliable for me and not worth the bloat on my Android phone to do it. It uses up a lot of resources and slows down my phone compared to other launchers. I still miss my Windows Phone 8/10 option to answer text messages via speech.

    • prjman

      In reply to alissa914:

      This. Your Phone is unreliable, in my experience. More often than not, I get a 'We can't connect to your phone..." message. Difficult to understand how, given the amount of time MS is working on this, it is still as unreliable as it is. Ugh.

      • tboggs13

        In reply to prjman:

        Two things I had to do and I don't know if I answered wrong at install, but first I had to enable Sync over mobile data and then I had to allow it to run in the background on both the phone and pc. After that, it is working much better.

        It is however still a mystery why it isn't even simpler. Everything should be synced to the cloud and then you should be able to have all the clients you want including a web client in Office365. Not sure why there is currently a 1:1 relationship. I can't use it on my work PC because I already synced it with my home pc and the app doesn't using work accounts or logging in with non-pc credentials.

    • jupast

      In reply to alissa914:

      This (again). Tried it a few times and it's rather buggy and unreliable. First it wouldn't pair, then it would and wouldn't unpair, then it started breaking up small Txts into multiple messages. I figure I'll come back in a years time and see if Microsoft have gotten their act together with this App or not.

  2. bart

    Can confirm the in-line reply works for WhatsApp on the Insider Slow ring build. Not seen other apps work similarly just yet