Microsoft Accidentally Pushes Canary Windows 10 Build to Insiders

Posted on July 24, 2019 by Brad Sams in Windows, Windows 10 with 9 Comments

If you woke up this morning to your machine telling you that a new build of Windows 10 is ready to install, you might want to hold off on downloading the update. Microsoft has accidentally released a new build of Windows 10 and it looks like it is going to all rings of the Insider program.

The build, 18947, appears to be pushed to Insiders on Fast and Slow rings for both x86 and x64 flavors; meaning nearly everyone is getting this release. This version of Windows 10 is from the canary branch and appears to be only about a day or so old.

Microsoft is aware of the issue and is looking into the release but know that unless you like to really live on the dangerous side of life, you are better off not installing this update. That being said, seeing as this release was not intended for public consumption (at least, when it was published) it may also contain hidden features that have yet to be announced.

Users on the Insider rings know the risks of running pre-release updates, an accidental release of a build to all rings is a serious issue for Microsoft, but installing this build comes with even more risk than typical for the program. The company does try to hold back releases that will corrupt machines in the preview program but this release has slipped through without the proper telemetry to know if there are any major issues.

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Comments (9)

9 responses to “Microsoft Accidentally Pushes Canary Windows 10 Build to Insiders”

  1. jbinaz

    Oof. Someone just had a really bad day.

  2. gardner

    The notable thing to me is that either there is a flawed approval process here that had multiple people all making a mistake and approving this release, or, far worse, a single mistake by a single employee can release builds of windows to the public that should not be released without any approval process.

    Both seem like pretty serious issues.

  3. Dan1986ist

    Went ahead and enabled Pause updates for 7 days on my 20H1 insider machine, as not to install this Canary build by checking for updates.

  4. gregsedwards

    I'm more curious whether they're planning to remove live tiles in a future build, or this is just a glitch because the build is incomplete.

  5. beakin

    Can confirm, had a machine automatically pull the update and restarted it -- now in a permanent restart/gsod loop.

    Yay being an insider...

  6. Winner

    So glad their configuration management processes are rock-solid.