Windows Insider Program Finally Cleans Up Its 19H2 Mess

Posted on September 5, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 18 Comments

Microsoft is finally allowing all Insiders in the Slow ring to actually test Windows 10 version 19H2 features: Today, it released Windows 10 18362.10019 with all 19H2 features enabled.

“Today we are releasing 19H2 Build 18362.10019 to ALL Windows Insiders in the Slow ring,” the Microsoft announcement notes. “Everyone in the Slow ring should be on the same build now with all the 19H2 features turned on.”

As you may recall, only 10 percent of Insiders in the Slow ring were previously given the opportunity to test new 19H2 features. Now, everyone in the Slow ring—those who previously installed build 18362.10014 (with new features turned off by default) or 18362.10015 (with new features turned on by default), or those who join the Slow ring today—should finally be able to test the new functionality in 19H2 (Windows 10 version 1909).

Better still, we finally have a feature list for 19H2. Key new features include:

  • You can now create a calendar event directly from the Calendar flyout on the taskbar. “Just click on the date and time at the lower right corner of the Taskbar to open the Calendar flyout and pick your desired date and start typing in the text box,” Microsoft notes. “You’ll now see inline options to set a time and location.”
  • The navigation pane in the Start menu now expands when you mouse over it.
  • Those few enterprises that have actually deployed Windows 10 in S mode can now add a policy to allow desktop (Win32) apps deployed via Intune.
  • File Explorer search now shows web-powered suggestions in addition to locally indexed files.

As you can see, nothing too major. For a complete list, check out the original Microsoft post.

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Comments (19)

19 responses to “Windows Insider Program Finally Cleans Up Its 19H2 Mess”

  1. professorwhiskey

    My Release Preview machine (I'm one of the 7 in the ring :) was also offered this today. I'm now on 1909 Build 18363.329, over 1903 Build 18362.329. I didn't take a screenshot but I'm pretty sure it showed in WU as a Feature Update as "1909 Build 18363.1000".

    • shadetc

      In reply to professorwhiskey:

      I can't seem to get image posting to work at the moment, but I can confirm on my system that it comes up as you say.

      Here's the text in the Windows Update:

      Option updates available

      * Feature update to Windows 10, version 1909


      To clarify I am on the Release Preview Ring. Also when I restarted, I show the following:

      Edition: Windows 10 Enterprise

      Version: 1909

      Installed on : 4/29/2019

      OS Build: 18363.329

      So some observations:

      - The "installed on" did not increment for this "build"

      - Tips launched with "Welcome to the May 2019 Update!"

  2. sevenacids

    I'm not an "insider" ("tester" would be the more appropriate term, but I guess that doesn't sound so fancy), but since I've updated 1903 to 18362.329, Start search is suddenly showing web results despite the fact it's all been disabled via GPO and was working before, and the Settings pane crashes the Settings app. I hope this is not related to some strange feature-enabling bug and this new File Explorer search, because technically, 18362.329 and 18363.329 are one and the same but with certain switches turned off, and therefore the same code is in there that might lead to side-effects.

    This is what makes this whole mechanism a mess. I mean, who makes sure that disabled code doesn't create bugs in the routines that needed to be adapted to use two code paths? And, hello, they started re-labeling build numbers... which is kind of cheating. What's next?

  3. crp0908

    After being stuck on 18362.10005 (that's not a typo) for over a month, I'm finally offered 18362.10019. Paul's not kidding when he states that the 19H2 mess has been cleaned up a bit.

    I agree with a discussion going on in the premium comments - No web searches in File Explorer, please! Hope Microsoft provides a gpo to turn that off.

  4. markbyrn

    I have two PC's running the current release builds and a Macbook running the insider builds on Parallels; have yet to be tempted to put an insider builds on the PCs. 

  5. Kevin Costa

    I don't understand. What build represents 1909? 18362.10019 or

  6. irfaanwahid

    Insignificant update.. but a desired one. An update to just clean up, polish and refine the OS.

  7. wright_is

    So, nothing for most corporate / Office 365 users.

    We don't use Calendar, we use Outlook.

    We don't use S mode or InTune+

    And web-powered search in File Explorer? No, just no! If I want web searches, I'll look in my web browser. The File Explorer should search my files, not the web, it isn't what it is designed for. Just stop the silliness, please!

  8. windows10insider

    I had to switch over to release preview to see 1909

  9. anderb

    "web-powered suggestions" sounds a bit suspect.

  10. mrdrwest

    Tip: If your mouse flickers and disappears, ***DO NOT RESTART ***; shutdown/turn off/unplug the power ; ~30-secs, just b/c.

    Power up, should be GTG.

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