Weird Screenshot Issue in Windows 10 is “Resolved”

Posted on September 12, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Microsoft revealed today that it has resolved an “orange tint” issue in Windows 10 version 1903 screenshots. Well, sort of.

Let’s weave our way through this one.

“Users have reported an orange tint on Screenshots and Snips with the Lenovo Vantage app installed,” Microsoft notes in its Windows 10, version 1903 and Windows Server, version 1903 Release Information support page under the heading “Screenshots and Snips have an unnatural orange tint.” The issue is now listed as being resolved as of September 11, 2019, which was Patch Tuesday. So one might naturally assume that Microsoft issued a fix.

A more detailed view of the bug is available on the page listing issues that were fixed in September 2019.

“When creating screenshots or using similar tools (such as Snipping Tool or Snip & Sketch), the resulting images may have an unnatural orange tint,” the page furthers. “This issue is caused by the Eye Care mode feature of Lenovo Vantage. This issue started on or around September 5, 2019.”

But that page references a Lenovo support site that concludes this issue for good.

“This problem is caused by the Eye Care mode feature of Lenovo Vantage,” Lenovo admits. “[The] solution [is to] disable Eye Care mode and reset the color temperature in Lenovo Vantage.”

So. The resolution is for users to manually reverse their usage of a Lenovo feature? Really?

Yes, really. Wow. The instructions are on the Lenovo site.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Weird Screenshot Issue in Windows 10 is “Resolved””

  1. branpurn

    Why is it Microsoft's responsibility to fix an OEM's software problem? They certainly took all of the blame when the news broke of a screenshot "bug."

  2. Boltie

    Why should Microsoft fix another companies feature unless they were in some form of agreement? Did Microsoft implement these features for Lenovo?

  3. crasher35

    I have a ThinkPad T580 at work and was affected by the issue and I figured it had to do with Lenovo Vantage but was too busy to bother with the settings. However, I did notice that it magically fixed itself yesterday. I don't think I have Lenovo System Updater installed (I may though) so I'm guessing there was some kind of Lenovo update sent through Windows Update to turn it off or the app updated itself in the background.

  4. anoldamigauser

    This one bit me yesterday, and I was wondering what it was. Today, there is an updated version of Lenovo Vantage, and the Eye Care mode is disabled by default...problem solved.

    New version can be identified by hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the app.

  5. sandy

    Why is Lenovo adding something that's already (presumably properly) implemented in Windows? (The Night Light option in Settings.)

  6. Thomas Parkison

    OEM-added crapware has caused issues, you say?

    I'm shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked.

  7. codymesh

    this is just one in a long line of "features" added by OEMs that mess up the Windows user experience. And yeah, when Lenovo themselves admits that their feature is the root cause of the problem, that that is the problem.

  8. BenTessier

    I have a Lenovo myself and Vantage is always the first thing I remove. It provides a ton of useless information and notification anyway and I cannot see the benefit.

    • will

      In reply to BenTessier:

      The ability to download and update Lenovo drivers and firmware from Vantage is good, but the extra stuff they push is not. The Lenovo Battery meter and extra add on items just add overhead to a system.

      • IanYates82

        In reply to will:

        Agree. The vendor tools to keep things updated are great, but their extra stuff that fiddles with system settings always make things worse.

        It sounds like Lenovo were changing the colour controls in Windows at a software level rather than controlling some kind of hardware, resulting in the actual rendered colours being different. Yikes - that's a bit gross.

        Does anyone know if the eye care feature still exists, or does the "update" just nuke it?

  9. rm

    Funny, Lenovo paid someone to recreate a feature Window 10 already has and they only were able to cause problems with the feature. I wonder if that person / people had a hard time seeing orange . . . Or just not very good testing.

  10. Ron Diaz

    You are holding it wrong

  11. Aaron44126

    Windows has exactly the same thing available with the "Night light" feature in Windows 10. Why are OEMs trying to override it?