Windows Terminal Updated With New Tabbed UI

Posted on October 24, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev, Windows, Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Microsoft is rolling out somewhat of a major update to Windows Terminal. The company today announced a new preview release of Windows Terminal Preview 1910, and it includes a number of new features.

Windows Terminal now has a new look for the tabs at the top of the app, which now feature improved color contrast, rounded corners on the dropdown, and tab separators. It also now includes buttons that let you scroll through the tabs when you have a lot of tabs opened at once. The tabs in Windows Terminal use WinUI TabView, and Microsoft’s now using a newer version of the library within Windows Terminal for the improved UI.

Another important part of the latest Windows Terminal update is its ability to automatically detect all your Windows Subsystem for Linux distributions. That means you will no longer have to dig into the settings to manually enable a new distribution that you may have just installed. Instead, you would have to get into the settings to disable it if you don’t want certain distributions to show up.

Windows Terminal’s latest preview release includes a couple of other new features, and you can find the full changelog here.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Windows Terminal Updated With New Tabbed UI”

  1. dontbeevil

    Probably we're not going to see this news here: Rudy Huyn moved to MS to focus on UWP development

  2. hrlngrv

    Golly. Another few months and it may be where Console2 was a decade ago.

    Serious question for those who've been using this a lot: is there a command to launch a new tab? One thing I use in Linux terminals is a script to launch man and info in another tab. It'd be useful if Windows's terminal could do the same.

  3. Slvrgun

    Just make Windows with a Linux kernel already geesh! Such a tease!

      • hrlngrv

        In reply to bluvg:

        In the BetaMax > VHS sense. How many hundreds of machines are still running VMS? Or are you counting everything running an NT kernel?

        • bluvg

          In reply to hrlngrv:

          VMS referring to the lineage of NT/Windows, *nix referring tot he lineage of Linux.

          • hrlngrv

            In reply to bluvg:

            There are certainly arguments to be made that the NT kernel has advantages over Unix/Linux kernels, though I'd argue there are some advantages to highly modular kernels in many situations. OTOH, Windows file system support is a bit lacking, and it's a marked deficiency that there's no way to mount entire partitions (volumes) read-only or noexec in their entirety.

            OTOH, seems pretty clear by now that MSFT and Windows have lost whatever battle there was for the command line. Given the number of tabbed terminals for Linux, it's depressing how long it's taking MSFT to bring its terminal app close to Linux functionality. I suppose MSFT needs to develop their terminal by reinventing all sorts of wheels in order to avoid using anything from existing Linux terminals in order to keep MSFT's terminal proprietary since there's just so much value in a closed source terminal program.

  4. puudevascpor1973

    I'd like to see details regarding Microsoft was rolling out somewhat of a major update to Windows Terminal. Yes, it announced a Preview 1910 with several new features but I'd like to know more about them. Does it worth a new release or it's just a marketing step? If you can provide something like a feature manual regarding that - I'd be very glad in advance.

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