Microsoft Extends Support for Windows 10 Version 1803

Posted on August 27, 2020 by Paul Thurrott in Windows 10 with 10 Comments

Source: Windows 10 Version 1803 Suffers Small Delay

Microsoft announced this week that it is extending support for Windows 10 version 1803 for businesses an additional six months to May 11, 2021. Thanks, COVID-19!

“We have heard your feedback and understand your need to focus on business continuity in the midst of the global pandemic,” Microsoft’s Chris Morrissey writes in the announcement post. “As a result, we have decided to delay the scheduled end-of-service date for the Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions of Windows 10 version 1803. This means that security updates will continue to be released monthly until May 11, 2021. The final security update for these editions of Windows 10 version 1803 will be released on May 11, 2021 instead of November 10, 2020.”

To be clear, this change does not impact Windows 10 Home or Professional. And after May 11, 2021, any PCs still running the Enterprise, Education, and IoT Enterprise editions of Windows 10 version 1803 will no longer receive security updates, so organizations should plan to update to the latest version of Windows 10 before then. I assume that will be Windows 10 version 20H2 or 21H1 by that point.

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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Microsoft Extends Support for Windows 10 Version 1803”

  1. bart

    You'd think most organisations would like to upgrade to 20H2, rather than 21H1.

  2. colin79666

    It would help if Microsoft gave IT departments tools to do in place upgrades that didn’t involve letting go of nearly all control (Windows Update for Business) or effectively deploying a new OS over the top with task sequences and all the potential failures that come with it, especially if the end user is not on your LAN due to home working. Just give us the ability to let it go through WSUS with some element of user chosen scheduling and don’t bring back all the rubbish you painstakingly stripped out the image of the last version. Five years into Windows 10 and the feature update process is still crap!


    colin79666: It can be done, but you need to change your approach. Rather than strip elements from the image, make changes by custom Group Policies. That way WSUS feature updates work (...give or take, in the usual Microsoft manner). Takes a lot of work mind.

    We're about half-way through upgrading our main site to 1909/2004 so the extension will help. Should be easier in future with the above, we had let feature updates fall behind.

    Since W10 Microsoft has clearly catered for the one user-one computer/byod model, making tasks FAR harder for anything else. Thankfully, there's been some improvements, although not enough. I doubt it'll change.

    I believe Microsoft consider MDM the future and in a few more years cloud managed services - rent your computer, it fails, they send a replacement overnight; no on-site IT is required, just pay Microsoft or it's partners for management and first-line (ie. follow a script/ database) support. Sad, but the writings on the wall.

  4. ghostrider

    Thank god we went with LTSB/LTSC. We don't have to deal with all this cr*p, and just get the security updates. Yes, it's old school, yes it's monolithic, but it's a damn site easier and more stable - and no app store, no Cortana, no Edge, no ads and no telemetry collection.

  5. dftf

    Version 1709 has also been extended until October 13, 2020 according to

  6. dftf

    For Home and Pro, 1809 has been extended until November 10, 2020

    • epguy40

      In reply to dftf:

      that 1809 home/pro extension was announced way back in mid April 2020 when the KB4549949 update was released: